4 Things You Need to Know About DIY Kitchen Island

A properly designed island can do wonders to the kitchen that is why if you are thinking of doing something like this, you should know what factors are involved to complete a great looking island for your own use.

Nowadays, there are quite a lot of designs and styles for kitchen islands available that is why it is encouraging to build one on your own that follows your specifications and needs. If you are adept in carpentry this type of construction project won’t be too hard for you especially when you can put together its basic parts such as the base, counter-top, cabinet and shelves.

Anyone can do this on their own as long as they have basic understanding of carpentry. What’s more, before you go and start building your new island you should know what factors are involved in this kind of project so you can pull it off properly. What factors are involved? Well, here they are.

  • Measurement – When it comes to it is important that you pay attention to its measurement. Precision is the key in getting the best one. Measure the space you have available so you can create a design of the type of island you will be installing in your space. Include in your measurement the extra space it will need so you and your family can walk around it. Double check your measurements and make sure that you write them down.
  • Budget – This is another factor that is critical in your project. If you are on a tight budget, setting a specific amount for this type of work is important so you won’t be spending more than is necessary. Also, by setting a budget for it you will be able to choose materials that will fit your fund.
  • Checklist – If you want to be able to pull of the best project on your own, make a checklist of all the supplies you will need. Having a checklist allows you to keep an eye on the materials you have already ordered and those that need to be bought to complete it. It is recommended that you bring your checklist with you at all times so you can easily refer to it when you come across something new for it.
  • Ideas – Most islands today are made from either wood or stainless steel. These materials are known for their hardiness and durability and they can be placed both indoors and outdoors depending on your needs. You can even find one that is made from blocks where each piece has its own distinct use. If you want a functional island, you can go build one that is made from wood with a drop leaf installed so you can create more space when needed. You can even add wheels to the bottom of it if you want to be able to wheel it around. For storage, you can build cabinets underneath it including shelves and drawers to keep your cooking utensils properly organized.

Even if you will be doing it doesn’t mean that you should forget about it’s overall appeal. Since you are making a plan before building one, you should think about its design carefully. If you want to make it stand out, use materials like marble or granite for the counter. However, if you are going to use these materials make sure that you have a sturdy base which can support the weight of your counter-top.

If you want to do something fancy over the weekend why not build your own? It is definitely something that can keep you occupied for a few hours with a little help from your friend or family.


Build Kitchen Island without Getting Broke

A kitchen island is a wonderful addition to your kingdom but if you don’t have the budget to purchase a pre-built island you should seriously consider learning how to build one on your own. It can be installed and provide you with plenty of benefits. One, you will have an added space to work your magic. Two, you will have extra storage to keep your cooking utensils. Three, it can add more decorative value to it.

Kitchen islands can be bought completely finished. Some can be bought pre-built where you need to install the parts together before being able to use it. If you bought an island with sinks or cooking station embedded into it, you can call a contractor to put together the parts and help you hook up the plumbing and gas line properly. However, these types don’t come cheap which is why it might be better if you make one on your own for more savings on your part.


Build Kitchen Island on Your Own to Save More

For some homeowners, it isn’t all that difficult to spend money for an island but for those who have already set a budget for one should take the time to consider learning how to make one instead. If this is your first time to build one on your own, here is an idea that is worth trying out.

  • Drop by the nearest home improvement store in your neighborhood and look for two cabinets that you can use it. You can spend around $200 or less depending on whether you will get cabinets that are already painted or ones that you will paint on your own.
  • Place the cabinets back to back. Remove the drawers from these cabinets while leaving the doors intact. Combine the two units together by drilling holes inside for the screws to be installed. Drill a hole on each corner and two more under the top corner of the cabinets. Insert the screws and bolt them into place.
  • Look for a counter top that will fit your cabinets perfectly. When looking for counter tops to complete your project you should choose one that can be carried easily by your cabinets underneath. Go for something that you can easily maintain and one that won’t cost you a lot of money. Wood counter tops are ideal if you are on a budget and they can pretty much blend with your cabinets.
  • Add accessories if you must such as butchers block to make it more usable. When you build one make sure that it has the features you need for one so you can get the results you want.

Adding Butchers Block

Now that you have an idea on how to build one you can let your creativity loose. If you want to make it more functional then adding a butchers block is something to consider. This type of block is designed to provide you with a surface to prepare your ingredients such as poultry, meat and even vegetables. Usually, the butchers block is made from wood which can withstand the pressures of your cutting and slicing. What’s more, this block can also be used as a counter for your cooking needs.

Instead of relying on the usual cutting boards that can get damaged easily, getting a butcher block and installing it on your newly built setup can be a smart move on your part. After all, the butchers block is a hardy piece of kitchen tool that can last you for years when properly cared for. Check out kitchen island designs with butcher blocks to see how they designed the whole unit. You can copy the design if you like if you have enough carpentry skills to do it.

Learning how to build one is a skill you are sure to be proud of especially when you get to build something out of your own two hands. This is a good project to start with if you are a beginner in carpentry. The best part is that you can be as creative as you can be when you do this so you can get a completely unique looking furniture to enjoy.


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