6 Reasons Professionals Give Better Tile Layout Results

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, and its layout serves a dual purpose of making it easier to clean and attractive at the same time. This is the one room that everyone uses every day, so keeping the bathroom clean is crucial since it affects our health and wellness. The bathroom can also be one of the most beautiful rooms in the house. There are a multitude of ways that we can decorate and enhance it, but most of the time we focus on the wall, floor and shower areas.


Choosing the right pattern can greatly enhance how your bathroom would look. However, how you install it and who installs it will affect its durability and look. Some homeowners might prefer to do the job themselves, but hiring professional tile installers are better. There are several reasons for that.

6 Reasons Professionals Do A Better Tile Layout

1. Removal of old tiles: The first step professional installers do is to remove the old ones before they can lay down the new ones. It’s important that this step is done properly. Professionals will have the proper tools and techniques to ensure that the area is clean and ready for the next step.

2. Leveling the uneven or chipped area: The next step in the process is to level the area and smoothing it of uneven or chipped places. A bathroom installation has to be done very carefully. Knowing this, professional installers use a special cement to fill in the chips or cracks that were made while removing the old ones.

3. Correct way of putting a new layout: Installing should be done either by starting from the corner or from the center working out to the corner. Keeping them straight and equal is something that professionals can easily do.

4. Preparing and laying down the adhesive: Preparing the grouts or choosing the right adhesive can be complicated if you don’t know how. Preparing any mixtures needed when laying tiles is done per requirement. This goes the same for adhesives since it has to be prepared and used in small batches to prevent it from drying.

5. Choosing the right size: The size of the bathroom tiles should be chosen based on the actual dimensions of the bathroom. Using large sized for tiny bathrooms would look off and vice versa. Tile installation companies can suggest what would be the right tile size to buy and use so you can have the best flooring.

6. Cutting corners: One essential step that professional installers can do better than homeowners is cutting the corners or edge. A grinder fitted with sharp blades should be used to make the corners of your new layout perfect.

Picking the Right Bathroom Tile for Your Tile Layout

Now that you know why getting professional cleaners and tile installers are better, it’s time to decide on what type of bathroom tiles to use for your layout. This can be overwhelming since there’s a dizzying array of choices. So what type should you choose?

  • Porcelain: This material is very similar to ceramic ones and is one of the best quality that you can use. It’s not coated with glaze, so you won’t really notice if it has a chip. There are a lot of porcelain tiles for sale today and you will surely be able to choose one.

  • Marble: This is one of the most elegant and most expensive material that you can choose from. Any chips or scratches can be buffed out to make it look brand new. However, marble floors are slippery and scratch easily according to reviews on tile layout.

  • Slate: This material is cut from rock and is ideal if you prefer a rustic bathroom look. No two slate pieces are the same, making each one of them unique. You will surely notice this in the for sale tiles in the market.

  • Limestone: This is another material that’s cut from a rock and has a pitted texture. Before using it, it has to be sealed to prevent staining and treated to bring out its natural beauty.

  • Glass Mosaic: This is a relatively modern material used on the walls of the bathroom instead of the floor. It looks awesome when sunlight streams off it and it can be the perfect centerpiece when surrounded by a stone tile layout.

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