All About 8mm Laminate Flooring

The 8mm laminate flooring is a type of laminate unlike anything else. Because of its precise dimension that is not too thick nor is too thin, it is the ideal for multipurpose use, inside and even outside the home. This type of for sale flooring is ideal for homeowners because it can be used for inside and outside the home as one would desire. It can also work well for offices because it is thin enough for easy installation and thick enough for round the clock flooring.


What’s so great about it is that it has the look and feel of hardwood. It is made to resemble wood and to look and feel like it, but it is made to withstand more wear and tear than regular hardwood sheets. An even greater feature of this type of flooring for sale  is that it is not as expensive as real hardwood, so you’re getting the benefit the look and the wood without the price that you would have to pay. What’s even better is that you can bet that it will last you for a long time, longer than conventional hardwood floors.

According to reviews, there is something special about the thickness of this type. Since it is thin, it can be light enough to be supported by the floor underneath – ideal for homes that are two stories or more. Even so, you can use it for the purpose of covering the floor downstairs as it is strong and resilient.

Types of 8MM Laminate Flooring

The types it are based on the types of wood that can be used for treatments. You can go to the wood floor store and choose the type of wood that you will be using for you floor, and you can expect the same when buying 8mm laminate. you can choose something as dark as cherry, or something as light as bamboo. Aside from this, there are  floors that go by certain brand names, so you also have to watch out for these names.

It is made with the use of an image of the wood or a thin layer of the wood itself. This image or wood sheet is then sandwiched in between a layer of protective laminate and a particle board that will serve as the base of the panel. It is them framed in a panel that has interlocking panels, making installation easy.

Installing 8MM Laminate Flooring from the Wood Floor Store, to Your Home

Any person – whether an experienced home renovator or a novice at the skill of interior design – can have a go at installing it at home. Homeowners can do it themselves or asks friends for help, and they can lower the cost of replacing their flooring dramatically.

You can install this type by cleaning the floor to be laid on, adding an underlay and installing the panels to the floor. Since it has an intuitive design where one side of the panel clicks with another, it can make for a very simple installation process. You can learn about learning how to install this kind for sale by going to the wood floor store and asking the sales person. Likewise, you can look at the manufacturer’s instructions on how to install it, as some product variants require the use of glue, while others can be installed without a single drop of adhesive. Since brands vary for this type of flooring, each has their own process of installation of the panels that they made.

Once you have the  flooring installed, you just need to make sure that you maintain it well and reduce the risk of damage to the wood. While some manufacturers offer insurance for decades on their panels, you may have to pay for damage if it is at your own fault. Make sure to keep it as dry as often as possible and wipe any spills right away. this way, you can really be sure that your it will remain with you for a long time and you can have the practical option to hardwood flooring in your home for as much time as you possibly can.

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