All about RV Classes & Types

There are three RV classes in the market; these are divided into A, B and C. These RV types are classified based on their size and the space inside that they provide. The class A RV are the ones that resemble the size of a bus.

RV Classes & Types

The class B style resembles the size of a van and the class C is a much smaller motor home compared to A & B but a specification of this class is that the sleeping area is located above the driving area that is called as the cab over.

More in Detail


Construction of your Class A can be: first, a bus framework; second, a truck framework; or lastly, you can have a specialized and customized framework depending on the owner.

Class A RV type have a length range of 25 to 45 feet as a vehicle unit for recreation. These recreational home motors have its own bed space, kitchen area; dine space and a lot of other storage compartments.

Being classified as the luxurious RV type, the class A can be customized to have other things that can improve its aesthetic value. These amenities may include having your own entertainment space inside with a satellite television or well structured bed room, a luxurious kitchen or any other stuff that you want to have inside.

With a price that ranges from $50,000 and up you can own your own Class A recreational vehicle also as your motor home. The price can rise from the base $50,000 because of the customization that you can do.

Imagine how much it will cost you if you place a very expensive flooring or rooftop for your recreational vehicle? It can definitely cost you a fortune if you want your recreational vehicle to be the best amongst everyone else in the road.

The recreational motor homes like this can be also called as a bus conversion. This is due to the fact that there are a lot of buses that are used commercially being transformed, which are then classified as class A because of the space that it offers.

These type of RVs that came originally as a commercially used bus is of a higher price because it gives the exact space that you can get from a bus because it is basically a bus. With the space that it provides, you can put up many amenities and that is also one factor that makes it more expensive than any other types.

To add additional space you may consider adding or buying slide outs. These slide outs can add up more space that you may use for your other amenities.

Popular choices for slide outs are porch options or the sky lights. When putting up slide outs make sure that you have the ideal floor plan that can meet your needs on the road. You have to be sure that the customization that you want to do is fit to the budget that you have.


Another form of the class A is the motor coach. This is considered as the top RV of the quality among the customized class A. The motor coach is the most luxurious type. It has designer labels for the parts.

The flooring, the divisions, the materials used and the compartments can be made of top quality materials making it more expensive. Life in the road can be no different as if you’re in your typical house.

Protecting Different Types of RV from the elements

Many consumers who are planning to have their own motor home are usually looking for the different types of RVs. The industry of marketing different RV types is fast growing these days so it gives consumer a wide option when it comes to satisfying their personal preferences for their own motorhome.

Different Types of RV

Motor homes are basically expensive, depending on the class which is based on its size, the price can vary but generally speaking, the cost of them are really expensive. But with the expense that you pay for it, it has a lot of benefit for you, you can have your own home in the road. Different types are good for a road travel that you and your family is planning to have. It is a good choice if you plan for a family getaway that will take some time for travel.


There are so many ways in protecting your motorhome; one of this ways is to have your own car cover. Buying car covers can also protect recreational vehicles from all the hazards of the environment. It can be a protective layer from the harmful rays of the sun or from the damaging snow. It can also protect your home from insect infestations, critters and other dirt. This serves as a good protection for during the coldest of the winter season. This can cover up the motorhome until the weather is good for so that you can hit the road. Even other cars can be protected by car covers during this kind of periods of the weather.

Motor homes are undeniably huge in size compared to other regular cars. The class A resembles the size of a bus, the class B resembles the size of a van and the class C is a little smaller than the two. Most of the owners of these RV‘s have not built a garage because of this reason; they can’t fit it for their current setup.

So different types have no other option left but to be there in open space. That is why car covers are really helpful in the maintenance. Some have specific covers used specially in a certain part of the recreational vehicle like tire covers, which are used in the tires alone. You can buy tank covers used for the RV tank and the air conditioner cover that protects the air conditioner and a lot of other covers for various types.

This problem are the ones faced by the owners who doesn’t have a garage for their motorhome but if you are one of those lucky enough owners who have his own mobilehome with garage then you don’t have to bother about these things. Some consumers are able to customize their garage to make it fit with their setup but this construction requires money, so if you have extra money for it, it would be a great help to protect it.

Why You Need It

There are many tips and tricks and RV improvements that you can take or follow to protect your mobilehome. It is clear that car covers can really help you in protecting various types but the installation of these covers really takes time.

But regarding the possible damage that you can have is by not putting in it, it is not that troublesome to spend a couple of minutes to install those car covers, it will be totally worth it. Buying car covers for RVs are made to last the extremes of the weather. It can protect it from the storm of snow and keeps the moisture out. Also it is an effective barrier against dirt and physical hazards that can come from the trees’ branches, acorns and like.

Car covers for various types are made up of a strong material (polypropylene) which is very strong against ice outs and snow. This material is resistant to water and repels it. It also allows moisture to escape thus it prevents mold formation, build up of ice inside and dew formation inside. There are various car covers available for different types available for you to choose from, with varying size and style.

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