Ceiling Design Ideas – Using Medallions to Beautify Your Ceilings

Are you looking for ceiling designs for your home? Well, there are plenty of cool ideas available online that can help you add more character to it. You can add texture to it using texture paint where you can add colors to liven it up. Another popular idea that you might want to take into consideration is using and buying medallions. Ceiling medallions reviews claim that they are quite popular these days especially when they can be installed both low and high. This particular example is usually made from wood, plaster of Paris or polyurethane. When looking at ceiling medalions you will find that their designs range from simple to the ornate. They can be gilded or colored for added appeal. Ideas such as medallions that are for sale can actually help turn your ceiling into something more beautiful and appealing to the eyes. Ceiling medallions are actually designed to suit chandeliers, fans or even light fixtures. There are some medallions that may require specific measurements to suit a purpose.


Ceiling Design Ideas – How to Use Medallions to Their Full Potential

If you want to successfully pull off anything you have in mind, you should find a suitable location to place them. Finding a good place to install plaster medallions is actually quite easy. You should look for fixtures that are in need of some boost. Most ceiling reviews that you will find that revolve around medallions make use of this décor as part of a fixture or on its own which is suitable for vast ones. Aside from medallions, another example of design ideas that you can use is installing rosettes. This decorative piece is somewhat similar to medallions. The only difference is that it is usually shaped in a floral pattern which can be used on its own or with a combination of for sale medallions.

What other styles can be you use to increase the overall appeal of it? Aside from the rosette and medallion, another option you should consider is installing bas-relief onto it. There are styles such as using bas-relief to heighten the look of it. Bas-relief is the term used to refer to decors where their design protrudes slightly. Most bas-reliefs are seen in palaces, churches and even temples due to their ornate design. Fortunately, there are the ones that incorporate simple bas-reliefs for residential use. You might be surprised how stunning it will look like after installing bas-reliefs that range from simple to the more elaborate designs.

Ceiling Design Ideas – Ceiling Decoration Ideas

Looking for ideas is one of the best ways for you to upgrade the overall look of your ceiling and your interior as well. If you want to create borders in your ceiling that will stand out, look for moldings that will fit your needs and preferences. Keep in mind that when looking ,choose those that are appropriate for the size of the room. Simple designs may be adequate enough for low ones while the more elaborate ones will work well with high domed ones. Take stock of the design of it so that when you look at styles, you can easily narrow down your options.

What other ideas should you consider? If you are looking for ornate designs for ceiling medallions to buy, you should also take into consideration the color you will be using and whether you will be gilding the decors to make them stand out even more. According to reviews, high domed ones are fun to decorate since you can use more elaborate decorations. If you plan on sticking with simple styles, you should look for decorative ones that can be used as borders or decors to be installed on lighting fixtures.

Revamping the look shouldn’t be too difficult as long as you take the time to search for ideas. Whether you are after texturing it or adding medallions, rosettes or moldings, make sure that you look for the styles that are appropriate for the type of ceiling that you have in home.

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