Choosing Real Wood Flooring for the Home

Choosing wood flooring for the home can be a daunting experience. There are several things homeowners need to decide on like the wood floor types they want and how much these for sale hardwood floors cost. It was easier to have it decades ago because there was only one kind to choose from, solid ones. According to wood reviews, these days, we have engineered floors and laminates. Having different types of floors have made selecting for sale flooring harder, but it also made it affordable. Installing these floor types are easier now too, which also contributed to lowering the cost of hardwood floors.


Choosing Real Wood Flooring

To buy flooring costing is like carpets, the price you see in stores is only for the material. Additional costs for the installation, underlayment, moldings and nails are not included. Prices usually cost anywhere between $1.50 to $4.00per square feet. Laminate ones are cheaper at $0.65. Remember that there are discrepancies in the prices in hardware and tile shops. So if you’re doing your own canvassing for hard floors, check online stores for wholesale deals before starting the cost estimate for your project. Who knows, you might find a better deal.

When calculating the cost of flooring to buy, you have to decide what type is best for your home and how many you need. Solid ones is certainly expensive, but it’s the most beautiful, especially when using maple or solid oak. However, there are some disadvantages that should be taken into account when thinking about the cost of this type of floor.

A big disadvantage is the fact that it’s not recommended for use in bathrooms, basements or other areas that have low grade applications. These types of floors have a soft core, so it’s easily affected by moisture and warps or bends easily. Large families or those with an active lifestyle should think carefully before choosing this type. It’s also not recommended for those with homes with high foot traffic. The installations are also complex, labor intensive and time consuming, especially for those who are thinking of doing the installations themselves. It’s better for installations to be left to professional companies. This is actually the main reason why it is expensive, because of the amount of labor that it will take. Some installation companies don’t accept projects like this because of how long the project will take.

Real Wood Flooring – Choosing Resources to Consider

There are other options if you like the look and feel of wood but your budget doesn’t allow it Engineered one  is one such affordable option. Engineered floors have a top layer made from a veneer while the center is made from plywood. This type is sturdy and easily conforms to the changing temperatures. This characteristic is what makes engineered one perfect to use in below grade applications. More importantly, engineered floors are installed using a tongue and groove pattern, so each piece is locked together.

Wood laminates is also another worthy option to consider. While it’s not flooring, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. The top layer of the laminate simulates the look of real hardwood, complete with the grain patterns of known species. There are very few limitations on where you can use laminate ones. They can be used anywhere, even in bathrooms or damp basements. Plus, they cost less than real ones. Laminates also utilizes the tongue and groove design so they can be installed easily.

The cost of new one would also depend on whether you’ll hire professional services or you’ll do it yourself. This can help make the installations affordable, but a high quality ones should be used and should also be factored in the cost. Subfloors are also needed when using engineered wood or laminates. It’s not a good idea to skimp when it comes to this since high quality one is an excellent moisture barrier and helps absorb noise.

Check flooring companies, talk to retailers and look for more information online research so you’ll have a clearer idea on how much real wood flooring will cost.

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