Common Mistakes that Can Increase Home Roofing Cost

When it comes to replacing your home roofing system, you need to get the right measurements first to avoid further expenses. For all the DIY homeowners out there who think that they can handle theirs on their own it is best that you learn more about the complexities of measuring your roof correctly. You need to do mathematical calculations in order to get the correct measurement of any special features that your roof may have. If you hire an expert contractor to handle the repairs, they will make short work of the project depending on how severe the damage is to yours. If you are still decided to do the repairs on your own, there are things you need to learn first before proceeding to repairing or replacing your system.


Home Roofing – What You Need to Know

Repairing it is a tough job especially when it comes to measuring it. If you will be handling the repairs, here is some basic knowledge you need to keep in mind.

  • Square Footage – You need to learn how to correctly measure the basic square footage of it. For you to be able to get the right measurement you need to take into account that the whole roof includes areas of your home that is covered by it. The best way to do this is to get the width and length of all the rectangles at the base of your home. You can figure out the area  by multiplying the width times the length. Afterwards, you should get their sum.
  • Overhang – The basic measurement of your roofing isn’t the only thing that you need to take into account. You should also consider the overhang which is the extension. If you forget to include the overhang in your measurements, when it comes to replacing or repairing your home roofing, you will find yourself short in materials. Keep in mind to include this in your measurement; otherwise, you will be spending more when it comes to roofing materials.
  • Pitch – The first two mentioned above are suitable only if it is level. Since there are different types of roofs for houses, you need to know how to get the measurement of the pitch or slope of your roof. The term pitch is used to refer to the number of feet that your home roofing rises for every 12 feet. A 3:12 measurement is for low pitched roofs while the measurement of 9:12 is for roofing systems that are quite steep in design.
  • Conversion – There is a special number that is used to convert any flat measurements that you have in order to convert it to a 3D representation of your roofing using the pitch of your roof as a guide. This special number is called the average multiplier. Once you have gotten the basic measurement of your roof you need to multiply it with the average multiplier to get a more accurate measurement. If the multiplier that you have used is wrong or that the basic measurement  is incorrect, the end result will be way off.
  • Special Features – There are other factors that can affect the measurement. Its unique features such as valleys, dormers and chimneys can affect your calculations. You should include them in your measurements and, although it would be ideal to have a basic computation for these things, there are none which means you will do manual calculating to get the results.

Home Roofing – Replacing a Leaky Roof

Most roofing systems get damaged by hard weather conditions. If your leaky roof is beyond repair, the next step is to have the entire thing replaced. If you want to get the quality that you should be ready to spend money because cheap roofing can also mean that its lifespan is not as long as that of your original roofing system.

There are different types of materials that are being sold in hardware stores today that can help you fix your entire system. However,  you should make sure that the measurements you have gotten for your home roofing is accurate to avoid overspending.

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