Cool Closet Ideas for DIY Homeowners

For DIY homeowners out there who want to organize their wardrobe, there are plenty of cool closet ideas that you can follow. Most do-it-yourself homeowners prefer to do things on their own instead of hiring a closet builder to do the job. This is reasonable enough especially when you have the skills to do it. Completing any of the things you will find here is definitely a rewarding experience. Not only will you gain experience but you will also acquire a new set of skills and the confidence to keep on building.


If you are a beginner, looking for easy ideas is highly recommended. Building closet cabinetry and installing shelves is a relatively easy project for first timers. With some ideas, you will be able to organize your wardrobe while adding a beautiful storage space at the same time.

Cool Closet Ideas for Beginners

Before you start on your ideas, you need to have the appropriate tools on hand first. Installing shelves for sale can’t be done easily unless you have the right tools to use. A mitre saw is usually needed when it comes to cutting your wood according to your measurements unless you can get them cut from the store when you buy them. For installation, you need to have screws, power drill, and level and stud finder. If you don’t have these then buying them would be the best thing that you should do. When you look at your ideas, you will find that the shelves are usually supported by L-brackets and even other pieces of wood. If you are following these ideas, you should include these supports when you shop for materials.

Among the unique ideas that you can apply in your home is wire shelving. This type of closet idea doesn’t require you to buy many items and tools. When you buy wire shelving materials, the tools are already part of the package which allows you to cut and shape your wires according to your needs.

According to closet reviews, keep in mind that no matter which of the ideas you see online you decide to follow, securing them to the studs is important. Use the level to make sure that your shelves and closet are straight during installation. If you want to successfully pull off what you have, you should take plenty of measurements until you are sure that you have the right one. This way, when you cut your wood materials, you won’t be making any mistakes at all.

Closet Dividers

One of the biggest drawbacks to closets is that they use up a lot of space. Fortunately, with some great ideas, you will be able to remedy this problem during construction. When you take a look at walk in closet designs, you should take into consideration the things that you normally put inside your closet. From here, you can arrange them according to category so that by the time you start building your ideas, you know where to place them. When looking at these ideas, you will find that for sale stacks and buckets are commonly used to hold smaller items like underwear and socks. You can incorporate these ideas to your closet. Besides there are a lot of stacks and buckets that you can buy today.

It would be better if you apply closet dividers to maximize the space you have. Most ideas  employ dividers to better organize your things. Having dividers installed will enable you to sort your things properly so you won’t have a hard time finding the right outfit for the day. If you want to find the best products to use, you can look for easy closet reviews online where both critics and other DIY homeowners recommend. This way, you will be able to narrow down your choices to those that are appropriate for your needs and your preferences.

To complete your project, add hooks, hangers, bins and lighting for added effect. Wood hangers are useful if you will be hanging heavy clothing such as coats and pants. Once you have finished building these designs, you will surely love the finished product. With suggestions ranging from beginners to professionals, it won’t be long before you are off doing a new project for your home. Don’t forget to choose some expert suggestions that are suitable for your level of expertise so you will be able to accomplish it within the set period. Once you have chosen the best ideas to apply to your own home, you should follow it up with Tips for DIY Closet Builder.

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