Different Garage Doors Styles and How to Replace Their Panels

During the construction of your home, you will need to decide which styles would be perfect for you. For sale garage door styles are one of the main concerns when building garages since they are the main component of the area’s overall look. The style and hue of it must complement the entire design. After deciding on the width and the style that you’ll use for your garage, the next thing to think about is your panels. There are different styles and their panels come in different sizes and designs that you can buy. These are chosen according to their size and general appearance. Here are four of the best available in the market today.

Popular Garage Door Styles

  • Flush: These have some texture and even planes. This is a very simple style that is usually seen in most houses. It’s designed so the entire façade of the garage will blend with the surrounding walls.
  • Short Raised: This style can create depth to the face. Using these types are suited for the elaborateness of Victorian style homes or the quiet strength of Tudor designed homes.
  • Long Raised: Using these types will clearly show elements of depth into its entire design. These are also a common feature of popular ones due to their uniqueness and how it adds power to the look of the whole frontage.
  • Painted : These are appealing especially when you’re painting a door with contrasting colors. Using this type are very popular especially when used with radiant and bright colors.

But at some point in time, whatever styles are used, a panel replacement job will become essential. According to reviews, for one reason or another, standard one might get broken or might not be serving their intended purpose anymore. When this happens, homeowners have the option to hire a professional installer or they can install the replacement panel themselves. Replacing a panel can be easy.

Garage Door Styles – Steps in Doing Replacement Panels

  • The first thing you need to consider before you start your repair job is where to get your panels. Different ones will have varied sizes and panel sizes.  You can buy the panels you need from the manufacturers, but contacting manufacturers might cause problems if the are several years old. Check the manufacturer’s sticker that is usually found at one side of the door or get in touch with your home’s contractor for information. Be prepared with the style, color and number that you need for this repair job. But be wary, most manufacturers will recommend that you choose from them and have them install the new one for you.  They will even give you reasons like the color of the older ones are already faded or that the rails might also be damaged. Whatever your manufacturer or contractor says, always remember that you’re the only one who can make the decision of whether or not you want a new ones.
  • Once you order them, the next step will be to remove the old panels. Whatever you have chosen, they are installed by taking each panel and sliding it into the rail, bolting it and connecting the other panels via a hinge on each side. If you want to remove them, simply unscrew the hinge from the panels you have to remove.
  • You can now slide in your new panel in starting at the top of the door rail. Once the panel is in place, bolt it into the rail. Keep replacing the damaged ones as needed and bolt them securely into place. Lastly, reconnect the hinges between each panel.

Despite the wide range of styles for sale in the market today, replacing an old or damaged panel can be quite simple if you do your research and you know how to follow instructions.

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