Benefits & Disadvantages of Dark Hardwood Floors

Benefits & Disadvantages of Dark Hardwood Floors


Buying dark hardwood floors and the beauty of them is undeniable. Their rich hues cannot be replaced by any other type out there. However, this type is not the ideal choice for families on-the-go. When they get damaged, dents and cracks can be easily seen. Even the appearance of dust and debris won’t go unnoticed.

A flooring that has a high gloss will most certainly show those unappealing cracks. And although natural lighting is favored by many, when the sunlight strikes it on an angle, any imperfections can be brought to light. You can already imagine the nightmare you will be facing when you have this kind in your home.

Dark Hardwood Floors

The Dangers

Most homeowners tend to overdo their floor cleaning because they want their dark hardwood floors to always look their best. Although they only have good intentions in mind, sometimes this type of cleaning can damage it even more.

The thing is, when you clean it every day using various cleaning products, there is a build up of residue coming from the cleaning products on the surface. Even if these products claim that there won’t be any residue left behind, if used in extremes, expect to see a film coating the surface. If you want to keep them looking great for a long time, make sure that you clean them at least once every two weeks. You can use soft cloth or paper towel to buff it to avoid scratching its surface when cleaning.

Another problem is that when they receive any damage to its surface be it scratches, dents or bumps there is no way for you to repair them. If you want to fix this problem you need to remove your entire flooring to address this.

Of course, this is a problem for homeowners who have a busy household. Sometimes scratches and even dents can go deeper than the finish. Although there is a possibility of repairs, the end result will be a slightly duller color than the original floors. This change in quality of finish is easily noticed by anyone which can actually mar the natural beauty of them.

Wholesale Flooring

Even with all these disadvantages, there are still several homeowners who still prefer to have this type in their home. If you are one of those who can’t get enough of it you might want to consider getting those that have lower gloss. This way, if there are any dents, bumps or scratches they won’t be easily noticed. Dust and debris won’t be too noticeable as well. If you will be opting to buy hardwood floors with a lower gloss you don’t have to worry about scratches and dents because there are markers that can hide them from plain sight.

If you are looking to buy types of dark hardwood floors on sale at budget friendly prices, you might want to search for them in wholesale stores. Buying wholesale flooring can give you some pretty good savings especially when you purchase the required number of pieces from a particular brand. Again, it would be better to consider ones that have low gloss if you are living in a busy house. This way, even when your kids and pets run around the whole time it will be much easier for you to maintain it’s natural beauty.

There is no doubt that your home will look absolutely stunning with this type especially those that come in darker hues. However, you need to take into consideration the kind of household you are running so you can get the right choice for your home. For busy households, it will be better if you settle with this type with lower gloss in order to hide any scratches or dents better compared to those with darker gloss. You don’t even have to search very far for this type because there are many wholesalers nowadays that are offering them at really affordable rates.

When it comes to getting new floors for your home, make sure that you weigh your options carefully especially when choosing hardwood. You don’t want to end up spending a lot then reading reviews and buying dark hardwood floors for sale will definitely help you in the long run, if not you will only regret the purchase later on because of the expense of repairing any damages to it.

The Benefits of Dark Wood Laminate Flooring

Dark wood laminate flooring has the beauty and richness in texture as that of natural hardwood floors but they are designed to fit most homeowner’s busy lifestyle. What makes this type durable is due to the process it undergoes during manufacturing. Dark wood laminate floors is actually made from fiberboards that are of the highest quality bonded together and processed to create the most versatile on the market.

After the processing it is done, the image of hardwood floors such as their natural striations, colors and textures are applied before sealing them with resin based coating for maximum protection. This process has certainly helped extend the durability and versatility of dark wood flooring compared to other types available today.


Although both natural hardwood and dark wood flooring have their own benefits to offer homeowners, this type appears to have more features to offer due to the fact that it works well with all kinds of households especially those that have kids and pets around. Since the surface of it is covered with resin, it can be easily cleaned even when there are spills, scratches or even dents caused by daily wear and tear. Natural hardwood floors, on the other hand, require re-staining and re-sanding every once in a while to maintain its natural beauty. What’s more, when it comes to repairs, natural hardwood floors can be difficult to replace whereas it requires only to remove damaged sections before replacing them with new panels.

Another advantage to using it is that it is very easy to install. Even though you need to let your flooring expand or contract according to the temperature of the room just like natural hardwood floors, you will still find it easy to install this type on your own. Based on review, you can find that it comes in click-to-fit designs. The normal time frame to finish this type of installation can just be days or up to a week depending on how big the project is. There are some homeowners who find cutting through it a bit difficult but one that can be easily remedied using power tools.

Due to its tough character, there are many homeowners who consider installing dark wood laminate flooring in their homes. Where else can you find one that is durable, versatile and beautiful all in one? This type  adds more character to your space without having you to pay excessively. What’s more, it is designed to withstand constant foot traffic and every day wear and tear with minimal maintenance. You can install your flooring anywhere in your house including your bedroom, kitchen and living room. There are instructions available on the dark wood laminate flooring kit that you will be purchasing which are easy to follow on your own.

Common Issues

It is certainly impressive to have in your home but you need to be aware of common flooring problems that can also affect it. Keep in mind that dark wood flooring and water don’t mix well which means you should install it in areas where there is little chance of exposure to water and moisture. This is a common practice for homeowners who want to install it in their home.

If you want to keep them in good condition, always take the time to do maintenance every once in a while. Sweep them, clean up after spills and even apply staining every once in a while. Vacuuming them can also help keep it in good condition.

Go and look for the best laminate brand if you plan on installing these type  in your home. This way, you will have the guarantee that it will look absolutely amazing for a long time. If you are going to hire someone else to do the installation for you, take into account the labor cost to install the laminate flooring to get a better idea whether or not you have the budget for it. With these type you will find that they will stunning and your home will look more beautiful than before.

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