DIY Ceiling Texture Repairs for Popcorn Material for Ceiling

For homeowners who have popcorn texture on their ceiling which needs repair, there are easy-to-do it  repairs that you can use. Nowadays, not many homeowners are big fans of the popcorn texture but there are still some who can’t seem to get enough of this design. Compared to popcorn during the 70’s and 80’s it is safe to say that modern popcorn are less sparkly which means you can blend it well with the rest of your house’s overall design. Much as you love the ones like that of the popcorn ones when there is a section of your ceiling that is damaged, you need to employ repair first. If this is your first time to do DIY ceiling texture repair make sure that you look for the appropriate guide to help you complete this project successfully.


DIY Ceiling Texture – How to Repair Damaged Ceiling

One of the easiest do it yourself ceiling texture repairs from reviews, is that you can employ is to use a spray on the area that is showing signs of damage. This step will work well in any areas of your popcorn ones that shows signs of damage. You can get any spray for it from your local home improvement store so you can apply repairs any time. There are plenty of ceiling spray paint to choose to buy from so be careful in choosing which one will work well with your repairs. It would be better if you look for spray ones that is close to the original popcorn to cover up any repair beautifully. One advice that you need to keep in mind when it comes to repair, it is important follow the instructions found at the back of your it. This will help you apply the texture correctly especially in areas that need repair.

Another repair that you can do to fix your damaged popcorn is to look for materials that you can spray on with the help of a sprayer. You should look for spray paint that blends well with the rest of your popcorn to hide the damage to your ceiling. The good news when doing is that there are manufacturers that have re-created old textures which mean that if you have the old popcorn texture on your ceiling or walls, you can repair them easily. If you want to do this correctly, go look for online video guides to help you out. There are many techniques that you can use when doing DIY, you need to consider which one among these techniques you feel you are comfortable with.

It is not limited to spraying paint on to the damaged areas. Another possible method is to apply new material over the old ones. If you will be using this repair, you need to remove existing ones using a scraper. Once you have removed the existing one you can now apply the new ones you have on hand. You can choose to follow installing a new type one if you want.

DIY Ceiling Texture – Types of Textures

Doing it on your own isn’t that difficult as long as you have the necessary materials on hand. Before proceeding with your own repair, buying the things that you need is essential. You need to make sure that you know what type of damage you need to fix so you can apply the right solution. If you are still unsure on what to use and buy, you might want to consider consulting an expert. This will help you decide which among the methods you can employ to your damaged one and the things that are for sale that you need to buy for your ceiling.

The beauty of doing this on your own is that you won’t have to spend money in hiring a contractor. However, you still need to consider asking for the aid of the contractor if the damage is more than you can handle. The methods used in this repair are easy enough to understand and apply as long as you take the time to study them.

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