Helpful Tips on Deck Restoration to Protect Your Wood Deck

If your outdoor deck is looking a little worse for wear, you can bring back its natural beauty with deck restoration. Having a patio at home is definitely a welcome addition. This section of your home can be turned to a barbecue grilling spot for you to enjoy the cool breeze. Adding some seats and tables can turn this home extension of yours into another place to hang out. One problem when it comes to wooden decks is that since they are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions, they are more prone to suffering from wood rot and other damages. Fortunately, wood restoration is not really that difficult because you can actually apply proper sealants to protect your boards. However, if the damage is too severe, hiring an expert on is worth investing on.


Deck Restoration – Common Problems that Can Damage Outdoor Decks

Homeowners who wish to prolong the life of their decks should be aware of the common problems that can damage the natural beauty of their decks. Understanding these causes can lead them to choose the appropriate technique to apply.

  • Damage from Water – When the boards are too warped or rotting it may be caused by too much moisture. Rain can cause water to soak deeper into your floorboards especially when there are cracks on the surface. If you let it be exposed to water consistently expect damages to appear. Water can cause damage to the boards unless you take proper precautions. If you want to avoid having to do restoration, installing waterproof one is worth investing on.

One trick to avoid having to do this is to apply waterproof paint onto your wooden one. This type of sealant actually causes the raindrops or water spills to roll off the surface of the boards instead of becoming absorbed. If you are planning on doing the restoration, start repairing by removing any boards that are showing signs of peaking or warping and replace them with new boards. Remove any debris or dirt by sweeping and hosing down it. Make sure that it is completely dry before going back to your restoration project. Once your deck is completely dry you can apply the waterproof sealant.

  • Damage from the Sun – Many deck restoration jobs are done because homeowners did not perceive that the sun can actually cause their deck to be damaged. If the material that is bought and used for it is wood, its color will most likely fade due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The best  technique to use here is to apply a solution that can bring back the natural beauty of your wooden deck. You can buy this product in most hardware stores and which you can easily apply on your own. Another possible method you might want to consider is to stain the surface. If you will be the one doing the staining, don’t forget to let the stain solution to dry before applying a UV protection coating.
  • Changes in Temperature – You might be surprised to learn that changes in temperature can also affect the durability and beauty of your wood deck. Sudden drop in temperature can cause the boards to contract while sudden spike in temperature will cause the boards to expand. Imagine the damage this can cause especially when the temperature in your area continuous to change. Nails that are popping out of the boards is one sign you should watch out for. For this, you just need to hammer them back in place before proceeding to other deck restoration methods.

Deck Restoration Tip – Regular Deck Maintenance

One of the easiest ways for you to avoid regular restoration is to maintain it on a regular basis. This means you need to look at the frame as well as the boards to determine their condition. If you want to restore it on your own, you should know what deck restoration methods you can do on your own and when is it time to hire an expert.

Aside from maintaining it, you should also check out some ideas and plans to determine whether you need to replace a section or the entire deck itself for a better and sound. It can always be applied to any outdoor decks out there that need to be brought back to their former glory.


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