5 Amazing Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Ever since kitchen islands became a necessity, lighting became in demand. Before, homeowners see them as something nice to add but nowadays they are very much needed since they offer plenty of useful features. The island is designed not just to be an extra counter but it also acts as storage and cooking area too. Families tend to gather around the kitchen not just to sample the dishes but to swap stories too. And because of this the demand for them increased.

The Importance of Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Although these islands are a wonderful addition to the kitchen, traditional lighting was not designed for them. Usually recessed lighting fixtures are installed where they are pointed towards portions of the island instead of the whole thing. This can be quite problematic especially if you are preparing your meals. Fortunately, there are now several ideas that might prove to be useful to those who have them installed.

Why is important to look for it? Well, since you will be installing an island it is ideal that you find the right system to get the most out of your extra counter and work station. It wouldn’t do you any good to rely on lighting systems designed for it as a whole. As a matter of fact, some ideas will help you create the best work station in it so you will be able to enjoy your cooking time even more.

Like it was mentioned before, there are plenty of ideas today that are worth looking into. If you don’t want to waste your time searching through the endless options available in stores today, you might want to read on and learn more about the popular lighting systems for them.

Revamping Your Furniture Cart

Don’t waste the features of your furniture cart just because you can’t see what you are doing due to poor lighting. Now that there are dozens of ideas you will be able to use your cart to its fullest. If you have a furniture cart and you want to add some lighting to it, you might want to check out the ideas mentioned below.

  • Pot Rack Lighting – One of the most popular ideas is installing kitchen lights to the pot rack attached to the cart. This is a functional design since you can hang your pots and pans here while at the same time illuminating the surface of your furniture cart. No more worrying about cutting yourself accidentally because you can’t see what you are doing.
  • Ceiling Lighting – For some, lights that are mounted on the ceiling are great. This example of some ideas can give you added illumination by directing the light source to various parts of it. One advantage to this type is that it can add a more dramatic look to your space especially when you go for a dimmer light after you finish cooking.
  • Chandelier – If you have a big kitchen to work with you might as well install chandeliers to light it up. Instead of having various light source directed at your furniture cart, you can have a single lighting that will cover the whole cart itself and in a stylish manner too.

These are but a few examples of some ideas that you can consider when you have your own island cart on hand. Of course, you still need to make a few adjustments so that the setup of your choice will fit your furniture perfectly. It is important that you install your new lights in the right places to get the most out of them. Measure the length of your island to determine where the best places are to put up your lights. This depends on the type  that you will use.

Regardless of what idea you will be using you should make it a point to determine whether they will blend with your existing theme. Fortunately, with the number of options to choose from, this won’t be a problem at all since there is always something that will suit your needs.


3 Lovely Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Tips

Installing a kitchen island pendant lighting is a good way for you to light up your space. This area needs to be properly lighted so that you will be able to see what you are doing and at the same time create a cozy atmosphere for you and the family. You can buy dozens of lighting options for sale today that you might want to take a look at to brighten up your area. For now, let us discuss how can you use it to good use.

Factors to Consider 

So you have decided to use one? The question now is how can you go on about this to achieve a beautifully illuminated kitchen where the island and the rest of your furniture can be seen properly. For those who will be giving it a makeover learning more about the factors you need to think of when selecting it is a must. Here are some that you should keep in mind.

  • Follow the Style of Your Kitchen – One way for you to get your hands on the right setup is to follow the existing style. For example, modern pendant lights with chrome and glasses will be out of place in a country style kitchen. Pendant lights that are made from wrought iron or other rustic materials won’t be too appealing to look at when you install them in a modern kitchen. If you are the tyep of person who wants to change the design of your space from time to time, look for one that can blend with various designs.
  •  Size, Shape and Symmetry – These three factors should be included in your list of things to consider when you are in the lookout for it. It is true that they are wonderful additions because they can provide you with a space to prepare your meals, a place to store your things and a space for you and the rest of the family to congregate. In order to bring out the best, installing the right one is a must.


Bulky fixtures that hang from the ceiling can be more of a hindrance than a help in the  island especially when preparing meals. The size of the pendant lights that you will be choosing should be just right for the space you have available. Getting one in different shapes can add more character while providing you with enough light to see what you are  doing. Of course, symmetry is important too if you want to create a balanced design. You might be surprised to find that using mini pendant lights can create a more dramatic look for it as long as you have placed them in the right area and adjusted to focus on a certain point on your island.

Now that you have an idea on what factors you should consider when buying for pendant lights, it is about time that you do your research on where to find them. You can go visit your local store or you can shop for them online. Either way, don’t forget to follow the factors mentioned here when deciding on your kitchen island pendant lighting.



Kitchen Island Light Designs (Types, Styles, Models, Ideas)

Having an island in the kitchen is a convenience many homeowners love but when it comes to lights many are wondering whether they have enough. Islands in Kitchens these days are more than just a pretty counter to enjoy but they can also be a place to prepare and cook your meals as well as store any utensils that you might need. These islands can also double up as a serving station where the rest of the family can congregate and eat the dish you have just prepared. With these various functions for a single unit it is important that you have installed the right lights.


Kitchen Island Light Types

Kitchen island light comes in various styles and designs that can work well with all sorts of  islands. One of the most popular choices is the flush mount or semi-flush mounted lights that are installed in the ceiling. This type of fixture is for general use and can be the perfect choice if you don’t often use your  island. With this type of light it will look less cluttered and more stylish and sophisticated.

Another example of one that is worth noting is the pendant light. This fixture can be installed over the island at a certain height so you won’t bump your head when using the counter for prepping and cooking your food. You can find pendant lights in different colors and sizes so you can add more drama to your counter depending on your preferences. With the number of options available it won’t be too difficult to find something that will match it.

How about something unique like the custom light? This one has more than two lights in a single unit much like your usual chandelier. If you have a large kitchen this type of light is worth investing on since it adds more than just lighting to your space but beauty as well.

Another option is the recessed lights. Classy, stylish and elegant to boot this type of option will certainly bring more character to it. One of the advantages to using recessed lights is that they can work perfectly well with all kinds of design. Whether you are going for a country themed or one that is more modern in appearance, you won’t go wrong in choosing recessed lights as your primary light.

Now that you have an idea on the types of kitchen lights available today, the next step would be to know where you will be placing them. If you will be using it on a regular basis it is important that you put the lights where they can shine on your work station. For flushed or semi-flushed lights putting them directly over it is recommended.

On the other hand, if you will be using recessed or pendant lights positioning them so that their lights will hit the main work area is highly advisable. In case you will be using it as an extra cooking station you need to make sure that it has enough lighting coming from your pendant or recessed lighting. Don’t forget that spacing is important too so you will need to measure the distance between each lighting fixture that you will be installing.

Beautify Your Home Styles Furniture 

If you have recently installed home styles furniture it would be great if you invest on proper lights. Based on the types of lights mentioned above you should be able to figure out the best one for your space. Playing with your fixture not only helps in producing different lighting hues but also create an ambiance that you are sure to love.

Whether you will be going for pendant lights, recessed lights or flushed mounted ceiling lights make sure that you have adequate lighting and around it to see what you are doing. A great light is one that provides you with enough lighting without causing you any hindrances or obstacles as you move around.


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