Lawn Mower Blades for Your Lawn Mower Repair

One thing to consider in repairing a mower is the blades of the mower. The reason behind this is because they will become dull and will not properly work if they don’t have proper equipment tune up and are not regularly sharpened. Regular inspection will prompt you that your mower needs sharpening. This should be done once per month to ensure your equipment have the best  condition.

Always wear gloves and eye protection when repairing them during the repair session. This is a very important rule as small splinters of metal from the parts of your equipment can cut your hands or even get caught in the eye. It is even more dangerous if you make use of electric sharpener or bench grinder.


How to fix a lawn mower blade in lawn mower repair?

The next thing you should do is to remove the equipment’s spark plug. Read the steps closely so you can prevent accidental start-up. Put a piece of electrical tape on the end and move to add additional tape to secure it to the outer casing. This is so it will not get near the spark plug. Next is empty the gas tank. You then have to turn it on its side with the gas tank side down. This step ensures prevention of mixing the oil with gas residue.

Apply a small amount of penetrating oil on the back nut to loosen it up. Then you loosen the nut, you can either use a holder or a clamp to hold it in a fix place. Sometimes, you will probably have a difficult time loosening the blade bolt. Once they are removed, try to remember where each nut, and sometimes washer, is placed. This will save you time and trouble over the confusion it could take you in bringing the parts together. Now, how to clean the engine of used mowers? Remove the grass from the parts of your equipment and if necessary, use an air compressor to easily remove them.

A simple file or a blade grinder can do the needed sharpening of blades. Lawnmowers manufacturers?book can give you the angle you should use in sharpening the blade. When you do not have access to the manufacturers book, try to sharpen the blade with the same angle as the original angle of the blade.

When using a grinder, be careful not to push the blade into the grinder too hard. Just slowly move the blade back and forth over the grinder. During grinding, be sure not to make the metal hot because the metal can lose its strength so fast. To make lawnmowers blades sharp, a balancer is used. It is recommended to use the balancer but it is not really necessary. The blade can just be sharpened only if the damage is not that prominent. If however the blade is severely damaged like there is too much uneven edges and way so out of balance, you better replace it with a new blade. it is actually a good option rather than risk yourself once it is spinning under the deck. So safety is always key when you are doing an equipment repair.

Lawn mower tune up in lawn mower repair

Once it is finished with sharpening and balancing, it is now time to place it back to the equipment. You should not have difficult time putting it back for so long as you have checked ahead how it should be put back into the main bolt. Please make sure that the spark plug wire remains to be separated from the plug. Then reattach the bolts and washers carefully. Tighten them just enough so as not to make the bolt and nut mesh whenever its blade gets hot. Turn the mower back properly and reattach the spark plug.

Learning how to fix a mower and partly how to clean engine for used of this type of equipment is just simple after all. You may have the best equipment after you repair it.

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