Lawn Mower Repair: How to Make Your Mower Last Longer

So, you’ve noticed that the lawn mower that you loved so much is no longer working as it should. Push mowers, rechargeable ones and even small ones are powered by gas or electricity. This means that more than likely the problem lies in the motor. Luckily, this article will give you some basic equipment repair tips, which will help you figure out what’s wrong and how to fix the problem. Before you begin your troubleshooting task, you must always protect yourself. Do this by putting on eye protective gear and gloves. Another smart move to avoid injuring yourself would be to remove the spark plug. It would be terrible if the engine decided to start on its own while you’re trying to fix the problem.


Lawn Mower Repair: Troubleshooting Your Lawn Mower

Now that you’ve unplugged the spark plug, you’re ready to start your investigation and repair task. Spark plugs will easily give out on you after using your equipment for so long. If this happens, you simply need to purchase a new one from a shop and install it. If it begins to operate the way it should, then you know that you have solved the problem. If that doesn’t take care of your equipment maintenance problem, then you need to check the ignition.

You can check this by taking a piece of ground metal and touching the ignition with it. If you see a spark while doing this, then this is not the issue and you need to inspect the wire. It is not recommended that you do this yourself, but instead take it to a service center to be checked out. When there is an engine trouble, it is normally the carburetor. To avoid repairing your equipment in the future, you must keep this clean and not allow gunk to build up on it. Use water to clean it and a wire to reach hard to get to spots. Afterwards, just let it dry on its own.

Lawn Mower Repair: Situation Still Not Improved

If none of the earlier repair tips seem to work, take a look at your gas lines and fuel tanks. There may actually be a clog on the inside of one of them. To fix this problem, you only need a light brush or thin wire. Yet, there could also be a problem with your exhaust or intake valves. This is a common problem that people experience when they don’t do regular oil changes. These parts cannot be cleaned like the rest of your equipment. You have to replace them with new ones which still save you money in the end. It will still cost you less than buying a whole new mower.

Other parts for your equipment that you don’t have to worry about include the spark arrestor. It may catch a spark sometimes, and you’ll normally find it in outdoor motors. This area of the motor should be cleaned with a wire brush regularly. If you do not do this, your motor could actually catch fire. Because it is made up of a variety of parts, it can give out on you at any time. This is why it’s imperative to perform regular maintenance on them and keep them in good shape so that you can avoid major problems for as long as possible. The worst part is that it’ll probably give out on you when you’re not expecting it to. Perform preventative maintenance at least every 3-6 months. If a problem comes up and you do not have the slightest idea about the lawn mower repair technique to use, your best bet would be to get help from a professional who knows how to repair your equipment.


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