How to Make a Kitchen – Ideas, Types, Styles and more

The kitchen layout in relatively new homes might be a big letdown for families who are used to having a large setup. However, there’s no reason why you have to put up with small or dark kitchens. There was ways to make it look bigger. All you need to do is have the right information, a carefully planned  layout and the appropriate tools and materials.

How to Make a Kitchen

  • Organize. A clutter free area can make it look bigger than it really is. If you’re having trouble with clutter or with the general arrangement of items, drastic measures might be needed. Take everything out of the  cabinets and drawers and place them on the counter or dining table so you can clearly see what you have. Sort through everything and organize them according to use, placing everything in areas where it’s easy or convenient to reach them. The more organized and efficient you can make your cabinet spaces, the more you can make it clutter free and increase storage space.
  • Leave kitchen counter tops empty. Clear counter tops is another easy way to make it appear bigger. It might be challenging at first, but you will really feel like it has grown bigger because of how neat and airy it looks. Even small appliances like a toaster or a coffee pot should have a space in the cabinets. Invest in a slide out drawer to make it that’s efficient and clutter free.
  • Choose your wall finishes carefully. You can make it look bigger by avoiding wallpaper and using a light colored color scheme. Wallpaper with a patterned print will only make the room appear smaller, plus the prints draw the eyes to make it feel busy. The idea is to keep things simple. Refrain from putting up anything on the walls. If you really want to, then put up small or light colored accessories.
  • Dark colored cabinets can make it look smaller than it really is, so try painting them in cream or white. You can hire the services of a professional painter, or if you want to lower the cost of a makeover, research the painting procedure since it has to be done properly if you want your cabinets to last.
  • A lighter colored floor can also make it appear larger. Plus the right color or pattern will do wonders to amp up your area’s look. But if you’re using ceramic tiles, don’t use tiles with a pattern and make sure the grout’s color matches. The same holds true if you choose linoleum. Avoid patterns and go for a light color. However, if your budget doesn’t allow for redoing the floor, covering them with throw rugs is a quick and easy solution.


Color Schemes for a Small Kitchen Design Layout

Integrating the right color scheme is a fast and easy way to make a kitchen look brand new. White is a small kitchen layout’s best friend because it can make it give the illusion of having more space. If you look at decorating pictures in design magazines, you’ll notice that white enhances the space and makes the walls look like its receding. A white color scheme for the cabinets, ceilings, counter-tops and walls creates a space that looks to be without borders.

A white color scheme isn’t for everybody though. If you’re the type who can’t stand an all white room, then choose a low contrast color scheme. The natural tendency of the eyes when viewing an enclosed space is to look for a place to rest, and a room with little to no contrast tricks the eyes and makes the space look larger. This low contrast color scheme also gives a soothing and serene effect.

The choice of furnishings also has an effect and can make it appear larger or smaller. So for smaller ones, choose slender furniture or those that give off a light visual. Furniture with clean lines like stainless steel tables and chairs doesn’t distract the eyes and has a reflective quality that amplifies light.

Having a small area shouldn’t be a big problem as long as you plan it carefully. An efficient and organized space will make it easier to work around in since each area will cater to a specific activity.

Kitchen Island Tables –  Styles and Types

If you want to further enhance your kitchen’s overall look adding island tables is highly recommended. This new furniture comes in all shapes and sizes so that you can integrate it easily into your domain without too much fuss. What’s more, the materials used here include wood, marble, granite and steel among others. You can even get the portable ones if you have a small setup. There are endless possibilities when you work with them which is why it is one of the most sought after kitchen add-ons today.

Giving your kitchen a makeover is something that you should seriously consider especially if you have been using the same look over and over again. Remodeling it not only helps in creating a new design for it but it can also increase your home’s value as well. Function is also another advantage to consider that is why if you are thinking of getting them you should know what to look for in order to get the best value for your money and your space.

Sometimes it can be tough for you to find something that will work well with your space and its existing design. Although you are thinking of getting them the number of choices can be daunting. Fortunately, there are some factors that can help you spot the perfect one for your space. Here are the factors that you should take into account when browsing for them.

  •  Size – Size always matters when it comes to them. After all, if you have limited space it wouldn’t be right for you to get the larger sized island tables. You can get a better idea on the size that you ought to go with based on the space you have available. If you want to make it look more streamlined while at the same time getting more out of the equipment then consider getting the compact sizes for them.
  • Shape – The shape of it should match the layout of the rest of your furniture. A round table can be stylish to look at and ideal for bigger kitchens while narrow rectangular shaped tables can be ideal for small spaces
  • Materials – Like it was mentioned before, they are made from different materials. Although wood is often considered by many homeowners because it provides a rustic and natural beauty in the kitchen there are other choices to be considered. Granite tables can give your kitchen a stylish and sophisticated look while stainless steel kitchen islands can add a modern day twist to your space. Make sure that you weigh the advantage and disadvantages of each materials then compare their look with your existing theme so you won’t have a hard time pairing your new furniture with the rest of your accessories.
  • Portability – They can add more function to your space because of their portability. Although a permanent setup can do well but sometimes your space won’t allow it. For small spaced kitchens a portable version is better since you can move it around as needed. What’s more, you can take advantage of its mobility by pushing it to your dining area or outdoor to be used as serving table.

 Kitchen Island Countertops Design, Style, Types & More

Kitchen island countertops are additions which will prove to be very useful and will add some value to anyone’s area. If you find that your current setup lacks space to eat and entertain or if you want to have an additional place to prepare and store food, a  countertop will be your likely solution to your problem. Aside from storage, what’s so great about them is that you can use it as a space to put small appliances which will be within arm’s reach whenever you need it.

To know more about the benefits of having one, here are some of the known advantages of having a it in your home and the use of accessories such as a butcher block to use your counter space to its full potential.

They seem to work well in storing and making use of everyday small appliances. Things such as a brad toaster, a small microwave oven, a hand mixer or any other device that you use regularly can be easily stored and accessed in this type of layout. To make it even more convenient, it is wise to have an electrical outlet installed underneath the counter for the easy plugging and unplugging of these appliances in case you might need them.

Aside from small appliances, you can also have a burner in the center island so that you can cook with ease and more space than with cooking in a counter which is closed off to the wall. It will give you more room to cook your dishes, especially the ones that you like to cook when you’re on the go. To make your burner more usable for longer cooking hours, you can install an exhaust fan on top of the stove. This will ensure that smoke and strong smells will get out of your kitchen quickly while your food is being cooked well in it that you have installed.

Deciding on the right  countertop is easy, and any homeowner can decide on their own which suits them best. There  have a very streamlined look which uses stones such as marble and granite. Industrial kitchen island countertops are also popular, using stainless steel as a base material for the countertop, mimicking the style used on restaurant kitchens. Lastly, a rustic style uses materials such as terracotta and wood such as a butcher block to impress a weathered, earthy look.

As far as the design goes, you can either make the center island blend in, or you can make it stand out. A granite kitchen center island may work well if you have granite countertop all around it, but it also works to use a different material if you want the center island to be a highlighted spot. This rule on design applies to different kitchen types, and you can mix and match according to your personal taste.


The Use of Kitchen Island Counter tops with a Butcher Block or Moveable Additions

The traditional countertop is a stable and structured counter kitchen that will remain unmoved unless the kitchen undergoes a renovation. Nowadays, you can have the option of having moveable one which will work well with a butcher block so that you can easily prepare food without the need to carry around a butcher block often. It works well to save on time while having a space where you can prepare food whenever you need it. It is an option that you can explore when looking for one.

One in your kitchen will make cooking enjoyable and not seem like a task that you have to finish. It gives you the ample space that you need to move around it while having the storage that you need to keep all of your food fresh and easy to access. Because of these reasons, they are not just optional additions to your kitchen, but it is a kitchen essential that you will be using all of the time.


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