Problems When Cleaning Different Tile Patterns

Slate and brick tiles are some of the best flooring options in areas with heavy traffic. They are durable, flexible and their surfaces are very resistant to most stains, which is why there are a lot of for sale tile patterns today. However, it’s difficult to maintain the cleanliness of these and they tend to look dated quite quickly. But there are some tips and tricks which you can employ to protect your floor and keep it clean and looking new.


Cleaning Different Tile Patterns

According to reviews, sweeping the floor daily is the first step to keeping these patterns clean from dirt and helps it to look new. Putting mats on the floor near entrances can significantly cut down the amount of dirt that shoes track in. This simple step can be a big help both in minimizing the dirt in your home and in maintaining your floor tiles.

Sweeping them might not be enough sometimes. So using a vacuum cleaner is also an option. Use vacuum attachment and move the cleaner to the lowest possible setting and vacuum along the baseboard and flooring.

Different patterns of tiles that you can buy in the market also need a good washing, but there are several things you need to consider about this as well. Mix a little detergent in a bucket of water and use a mop to clean a tiled floor. Choose the cleaning liquids that you use carefully. Don’t saturate the floor with a lot of water, just wet it enough when giving them a regular cleaning.

Common Problems with Floor Tile Patterns

Sometimes, despite regular cleaning and maintenance, these flooring in the home will still lose its shine and become dull, stained or old after several years. And when this happens, homeowners should look into the services offered by companies that specialize in floor tile cleaning. They usually experience the same type of problems. It is not easy to buy tile patterns once you see these problems, which is why giving them a solution is essential.

  • Grout Stains: One construction material that’s always used is grout. It’s porous by nature and is used to fill gaps and seal together materials. But its main characteristic is also what causes it to stain easily. Any spills are easily absorbed by the grout and forms stains, changing the whole look of the tiles.
  • Abrasions and scratches: Sweeping the floor and wiping your shoes on mats are done to avoid dirt and grit from entering the area. And these tiny particles of dirt can cause minute scratches and abrasions, which in turn can cause them to become stained. But no matter how conscientious you are about doing this, dirt will still find its way in, especially in areas with heavy traffic. Another thing that causes abrasions and scratches are moving heavy objects or furniture, which is why furniture should be lifted when being moved from one area to another.
  • Staining: This is one of the most common problems associated with tiles, and one of the most difficult to prevent. Some them are stained immediately even of spills are cleaned up immediately. Stains might not be visible at first, but the accumulation of years, layers of stain and bacteria will lead to stains that can’t be removed by ordinary cleaning methods.
  • Uneven or darker colored: Some homeowners might notice that some tiles are darker in certain areas, usually in the shower or bathroom. This is usually caused by water seeping behind the wall or under the floor. Darker colored tiles in areas that are often wet should be considered a danger sign since it means the waterproof flooring wasn’t installed properly or there are leaking pipes behind the tiles. This problem can’t be solved by regular cleaning or repairs so your contractor or a professional plumber should be called in.

Once stains and scratches started appearing like they can’t be removed by regular cleaning procedures, it might be time to hire the services of professional tile cleaning companies. These companies have the expertise to do the job and are backed with the latest in modern technology so they can return your brick flooring and slate tiles to their original state. After restoring your tiles, a high quality tile sealer should be added for extra protection and to make cleaning easier. Professional cleaners can help restore any wall or tile patterns to its original look at prices that meet any budget.


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