Re-Roofing a House

If there is a noticeable need for re roofing of your house and you want to estimate the expenses needed for such, there are several things that you need to know so you could come up with certain estimation. First and foremost, you must first figure out where to take the money from. Re roofing a house is not a cheap project, it requires number of supplies to buy and man power and all of those things work with money. Before planning to take off your old one and replace it for a new one, be sure to have enough funds that you can use to buy your new roof, besides there are a lot of for sale roofs out there. The size should be taken in consideration because the bigger your roof is, the higher the cost. Also, you must take note into consideration the kind of material to buy that you will be using. Typical choice for many house’s roofs are asphalt shingles for it may be a cheap roofing to buy in the United States. Once you know the area so you can now estimate the amount of shingles needed to occupy the square feet of the roof and as well as the cost of each shingle bundle that’ll be used Through this method you can now know the exact amount of money needed, but you must also take into consideration the quality of the material that will be used and the contractor’s ability to a polish work.


Re Roofing a House: Why You Need it?

In selecting the materials to buy that’ll be used, one must consider the quality and the amount of time a certain type of shingle is meant to last. The cheaper the shingles, the lesser time it will last so it would be a smart choice not to settle for the cheapest product but might as well consider its quality and durability regardless of a higher price when roofing. Shingles that are more in weight last longer than the light ones; this should be one of your criteria in selecting for shingles. The process of re roofing  will begin by taking off the old roof by the contractors and that will be part of their labor cost that you have to pay. In building your new one there would be a need for you to change the roofing felt and flashing. The roofing felt is a rolled layer of heavy black paper with contents of asphalt in it; it serves as an under layment over the decking. Flashing is the use of an impermeable material or a sheet of metal on the joints of the shingles to prevent leaks of water through. The contractor will have to follow the instructions specified in the materials on how to install it. These materials can be taken from pro manufacturers or other reliable sources of materials that you trust.

Re Roofing a House: What You Need To Look Out For?

To come up with a plan the contractor should personally check the status of your current roof. After checking the status of your roof there will be a proposal and bidding that will happen between you and the contractor. Information regarding the number of years that the current one lasted should be given to the contractor so that he can figure out if there is a need to change the vents, pipe jacks and need for other insulation products. If your current one has an installed skylight then there will be a possibility that it should be replaced. Skylights are openings that convey light from the outside and a view of the outside sky. These skylights also wear through time and may become a hazard to your part. It is recommended to replace it together with the whole re roofing of a house to avoid future complications for it is not a costly item and the risk of its malfunction is greater if you’ll keep it. There are possible changes in the decking that the contractor will propose, there may be possible replacement of the  dry rot, some gutter or replace the down spout for a new one. These are the kind of changes that’s possible for it to have and will be added to the list of your expenses when doing it.



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