Removing Popcorn Plaster Ceiling Design

Popcorn plaster is one of the most popular choices for ceilings during the 60’s all the way up to the 80’s. Many choose the popcorn design because it gives more character to their ceilings. However, many found out that although the for sale popcorn plaster ceiling is stylish to look at, it was very hard to clean. What’s more, the appearance of popcorn sheet rock ceiling can easily date your home including the shag carpet you have installed on your floors. This is why many homeowners today are looking for ways to remove this particular design from their home.


What You Need to Know About Popcorn Plaster Ceiling Design

Keep in mind that before you remove it, you need to determine first whether or not it was made with asbestos. Moist some areas of your  design and using a putty knife, collect samples and place them in a bag. You can show this to a public laboratory in your neighborhood to determine whether there is any presence of asbestos.

If there are traces of asbestos on it it is recommended that you hire a contractor that handles removal. They have all the necessary for sale tools and protective suits to carry on the project. Another option to consider is to install new over the existing one that you have. Although doing the removal of the design on your own can help you save money according to ceiling reviews, dealing with asbestos requires the expertise of a skilled contractor. On the other hand, if asbestos is not detected, you can go on removing it on your own.

If you have the go signal to remove it on your own, you need to keep in mind that you will be making a lot of mess. It would be much better if you get your furniture cleared from the room and place some plastic covering on your floors to capture dirt and debris when you remove it. If it will be too much of a hassle on your part to remove the furniture in the room you can cover them with tarp. Don’t forget to secure the tarp with tape so no dirt or debris will get through.

Popcorn Plaster Ceiling Design – Removing Interior

There are two options that you can take advantage of when removing it. The first one is to dry sand your ceiling. The only drawback to this is that sanding it can create many fine dust particles that you can inhale. For this type of work, it is best to let the professionals handle the removal. Another method that you can use is to use a scraper and a bottle of spray.

Spray a small amount of water on the ceiling as you wish to remove and scrape it off. You just need to spray the section that you will be removing and not completely saturate it. You need to keep this in mind especially when you are planning to paint the best ceiling paints on the existing one. If you spray too much water, it will most likely damage its underneath.

You might have noticed that removing it isn’t too difficult. The only problem you need to prepare for is cleaning up a lot of mess and of course dealing with asbestos. Any homeowner who wants to remove their ceiling can do so anytime they want to. They just need to wear protective gear and of course cover their floors and furniture. You can ask the aid of your family or friends to get the job done much faster.

It would be an advantage to you if you also learn how to repair cracks in sheetrock in case you accidentally scraped off more than is necessary. This way, after you remove it, you can immediately apply finishing products into the cracks to prevent further damage. Regardless of whether you or an expert contractor will remove it,  make it a point to protect any existing furniture against the dirt and debris.

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