Signs that Commercial Roof Needs Repairs

A commercial roof can last for more than fifty years. That is if the materials used are among the top quality in the market. When nearing its life span, you will see signs of deterioration which mean that you need to have them repaired or replaced. If the one installed is made from metal, chances are you will need more than just repairing the damages. The best way for you to determine whether it is in need of repairs or replacement, allowing an expert roofing contractor to check it out is highly recommended. This way, you will be able to get a better scope of the damage that needs to be fixed as soon as possible including an estimate on repair cost as well.


Commercial Roof – What Signs to Look For

There are several signs that you need to watch out for in case it is nearing its life span. Here are some that are worth keeping in mind.

  • Expansion of Screw Holes – Screws are usually used to hold the metal roof in place. However, the holes where the screws are installed usually expand after constant contraction and expansion of the roof. When this happens you often end up with a leaky roof caused by water getting into the holes of it. Normally, a metal one won’t be troubled by this for years but when it is nearing its time, having someone double check the screws can help you repair it at once.

  • Buckling Panels of Commercial Roof – There are two reasons why metal roofing begins to buckle. One is that during steel roofing installation, the contractor made a mistake and the other one is due to constant exposure to all kinds of weather conditions. There are some contractors who can immediately recognize signs of buckling while they are on the ground. To verify their findings, the contractors usually go up the building to look at it.

  • Poor Condition of the Joints – It is usually the joints that suffer damage due to prolonged exposure to the elements. You can immediately see signs of deterioration on it such as rust, pitting and even corrosion. When the joints are damaged, you are exposing your roof to water leaks which in turn will cost you plenty of money when it comes to repairs.

  • Waterlogged Deck – A water logged deck means you have a problem with it. Signs of water damage will begin to appear on your ceiling if you do not immediately solve this problem. The best way to avoid this is to have someone regularly inspect your deck every year.

Commercial Roof – Roofing Materials Prices

Regardless of what types you have installed in your building, you still need to have your commercial roof inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Having someone regularly check your roof can help you determine whether there are any damages to it that needs to be fixed immediately or you need to replace the whole roofing system.

Most business owners would rather have them repaired than replaced due to the overall cost. There are plenty of instances where the ones from an establishment doesn’t need to be replaced but restored and repaired only. However, there are times when the cost of repairing the roofing system of a commercial establishment costs more than getting a replacement. These situations should be considered carefully in order to avoid having to pay more than you can afford.

If you want to be able to apply the best solution to your problem, you need to look at the signs mentioned above to determine whether your it is in need of repairs or replacement. Once you have figured out that you need to have your commercially repaired, you can get an estimate on the roofing materials that you are going to buy from your contractor and the cost of the repairs as well to see whether you have the budget for it. These factors can help you bring back the beauty of your roofing system without having to go through replacing the entire roof. On the other hand, if the contractor you hired advised you to replace it make sure that you consider their input.

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