Simple Landscaping Design Ideas

A tight budget shouldn’t stop you from having the garden you want when there are easy landscaping design ideas that you can follow. A carefully landscaped property enhances the design of the house and increases curb appeal. These days, it is no longer exclusively for the rich or those with big houses. It can be costly at times, but with a little ingenuity and these simple landscaping ideas, you can boost the look of your yard and bask in the compliments of your friends and neighbors once you’re done.


Incorporate it in Your Plan

Conceptualizing a design plan and allocating a budget is highly recommended before you actually start on the work. But you should also ensure that your ideas are feasible and would enhance the look of your home. And there’s no need to hurry and finish your project immediately. Spreading it out over a period of years will be a big help especially if you’re working with a tight budget and you have a lot of landscaping and building to do.

Good ideas

Your yard will undoubtedly be transformed for the better if you choose good designs. However, how much the  costs will depend on the ideas or design that you are following or going to buy. But there are easy decorating ideas that you can do –

  • Build or repair garden structures like walls, paths, curbs and ponds for free. Canvass your neighborhood for free or cheap materials that you can use with your ideas. Construction sites sometimes give away excess cement and stones. Check out the broken concrete chunks they have lying around and look for small pieces with a flat side to use as steps for your walkway or as borders.

  • Fill your yard with your favorite plants and flowers. Try to follow landscaping basics like placing taller plants at the back, put trellises to add vertical interest to your garden and group plants according to their watering and lighting needs. Make use of bushes, landscaping shrubs and grasses for it and to keep down the growth of weeds.

  • Making use of garden accessories like bird baths, feeders, benches and arches are ideas that can create a big impact. Accessories like feeders are inexpensive ways to add to the backyard. Buy wooden arches or trellises at home stores to support climbing flowers and creeping vines in your yard. Putting an old bench in your yard automatically creates a sitting area and brings with it a classic touch.

  • For great and cheap landscaping advice, ask friends or neighbors with a nice yard a lot of questions. They probably have years of gardening experience on you and they might even have mature plants that they can give you for free. Best of all, they might have unique designs that can work on your property.

Consult a Professional or DIY It?

Come up with a specific budget for your project before consulting a professional. Show your design plan to a landscape company or discuss your ideas before asking for a free estimate. This will help you in deciding what work you want them to do and what you can do yourself.

Buy Local

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on plants. You can get the plants that you need for your ideas at a cheap price or for free.

* Visit a nursery, local gardening society or even yard sales. Some nurseries sell broken or end of season plants are greatly discounted prices, while local garden clubs usually have sales.

* Ask your friends and family for plant cuttings from their own gardens as gifts or exchange plants with them. Soon you’ll have enough to start your flower garden plans.

Having a beautifully landscaped garden is a big plus to your home, plus it doesn’t have to be a pricey endeavor. There are numerous ways to cut down on your costs. Doing the majority of the work yourself, keeping an eye out for free materials and exchanging plants are just a fraction of what you can do. There’s a lot of information online and in magazines about tips. So gather as much information as you can and come up with great landscaping design ideas for your own home.

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