Simple Tile Repair Instructions

People have a lot of options when it comes to tile design and repair these days. Thanks to new technology and techniques, it has emerged as one of the most popular building and finishing materials available to homeowners and designers alike. They come in never ending designs, colours and finishes. The material is also very affordable, flexible and easy to install. Plus, its repair and maintenance is very simple and something that anyone can do.


Easy Tile Repair and Maintenance

While using tiles on your walls and floors give that classy feeling to a room, the attraction can fade very quickly when there are cracks or other damages that will require repair. However, its restoration is relatively simple since only the damaged area is repaired. When you install tile floor or walls, remember to put aside some extra ones in the event that you need to do some repair. It’s sometimes very difficult to purchase a new one exactly like your previous ones. You might find the same hue or brand, but the color might be a little off from the ones produced before.

The repair can be done on one with chips or cracks without changing the underlying base. To replace it, you have to dig out the grout surrounding it with a grout saw or a utility knife. Then break the tile into little pieces using a nail and hammer. Don’t forget to wear safety goggles during the repair as pieces will be flying. Extricate the pieces and scratch off the grout and adhesive with a putty knife or chisel. Clean out as much grout as you can to get the surface clean. Use a silicon adhesive when replacing only one, but try to use the same adhesive as the original for a set of tiles. Be careful to put the right quantity of adhesive so the new tiles will be at level with the old ones. Press the tile in place and wipe off any adhesive that oozed out. If you’re installing one for the wall, tape it in place until the adhesive dries.

Grout is a key component in repair. Look for one that matches the existing grout’s color. A small tub of premixed grout is OK for small jobs. Apply the grout into the joints using a grout float, but your finger will do when replacing a single tile. Wipe off the excess grout and start shaping the joints with a sponge. If you’re feeling productive, you might consider regrouting all the tiles, especially if you’re doing a shower repair.

Pros and Cons of Ceramic Floor Tiles That You Should Know for Tile Repair

Tiles are the oldest flooring material used by man and were made from baked clay. Now it’s made of other substances like glass, slate, stone or vinyl. Ceramic tiles are one of the first tiles used and showcased some of the advantages of using tiles. Variety is one of the pros that tiles have over other building materials. Tiles can be made using natural or synthetic materials and can create amazing floor designs. It’s always available and easy to install. Minimal skill is required to install it but an installer can also be hired for a more professional feel. Tiles are also very durable and manufacturers today are using new finishes to remove many of the problems associated with marble or slate tiles, minimizing the need for tile repair. Lastly, the right choice and design of tiles will increase the value of any property.

However, this is not a perfect material. It also carries with it several disadvantages like the challenge of replacing it. Using a poor quality one will result in cracks, fissures and overall shoddy tile work, plus if it has a complicated design or is part of an unusual pattern then finding a replacement might be challenging. As mentioned earlier, installation and tile repair can be an easy DIY tile project, but travertine and slate tiles require a professional installer. While most tiles are affordable, the exotic, unusual and high quality ones can get expensive. However, given the wide array of tile materials to choose from, it’s possible to find a tile to fit any budget. And while tiles might have that classical feel to it, some homeowners are of the impression that this material doesn’t convey enough warmth and comfort.

Whatever it is that makes tiles attractive to you – the wide range of designs, its waterproof properties, the ease in installation and tile repair or the affordable tile prices – it’s guaranteed that you’ll find one that would fit all your needs.



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