Steam Shower Head and Other Useful Accessories

Everyone enjoys the feel of a nice warm shower. When warm water runs over our bodies, we somehow feel soothed and invigorated at the same time. However, every drop of water that comes out of our faithful steam shower head also means we are allowing billions of gallons of precious water to go down the drain. Even if you may give it a cool shrug, just remember that all that amount of water had to be heated up before it reached your shower.


Changing Steam Shower Head

The tub or the shower area in most homes is one of the most often used parts of the home though not many appreciate them. We normally use it at least every day and aside from giving the faucet and walls a quick clean, we don’t think about it that much. But when suddenly it starts to drain, we are reminded how important bathing or showering really is.

Changing it is a job that does not need any hard or headache-causing steps. It is actually a very easy task to do. What makes it difficult for many people is the whole process involved. You can buy shower heads int he market today. There are a few easy steps to follow. If one step is missed or the steps are not in order, then you fail in the process and you could face a very expensive damage.

According to shower reviews, the real problem when dealing with changing it is not about breaking the seal behind the wall where the pipe which is attached to the head comes off. Doing it will create a leak which causes water damage and encourage the presence of molds which can sometimes be toxic.

Most problems in steam shower head don’t really need a repair

If it is not giving you a cool refreshing spray which you used to enjoy in the morning, or it’s spraying in all other directions but not at you, chances are the head is filled with lime or calcium deposits. This can be solved by giving it a vinegar soak for a few hours. If it doesn’t work, you may consider buying and installing a new one. A newer model is more capable to save you water. It doesn’t only save you money but it also pays for itself in a short time. Changing it is an easy job. You just have to remember to buy one which mounts perfectly the same as the old one you are changing. Most newly bought ones can actually be tightened up to point of when the leak has stopped using just your hand. Removing an old one may need wrench big enough to hold it if much corrosion is present.

There could still be a water stealer in the area even after your old one was replaced. Whether your faucets are washer less or not, they may start to leak after some time. A small leak can mean wasting gallons of important water over several years and it means wasting money straight from your pocket. Though many parts can be repaired or replaced by most handy home owners, you may want to seek a plumber to do the task as there are several average faucet parts that may need replacement.

Several shower areas vary in their faucet types such as a hand held version of a head or a fixed one which can be installed to the faucet or against the wall. There is a hose attached to the control which can be easily removed if portability is such a concern. The hand held models are handy enough to clean the tub area and walls. You can also use it to rinse your hair after you have shampooed. They are affordable priced and come in various head designs for sale. Look for the design which mounts perfectly the same as the old one you will be changing. According to shower reviews, there are some designs which have a tee joint which makes it possible to add them on to the current steam pipe giving you the best of both shower head worlds.

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