Tips to Preserve Driveway Designs

Repairing original concrete driveway designs can be time consuming and expensive. Most property owners think that this is an unnecessary expense and that it won’t affect the property so much. This is where they’re wrong. Ignoring concrete cracks in the designs will lead to more damages to it and eventually, more expenses. The best thing to do is to repair any damages as soon as possible. If you find a small crack or even a small pothole, repair it immediately before it affects the whole driveway.


Repair Tips

The two main factors that homeowners should be aware of are the designs and the materials that were used. If you have time to spare then you can try repairing it by yourself to save money. Most repair jobs are simple and easy to do, allowing you to create your own style and stay on budget.

  • If you start seeing hairline cracks in your concrete, fix it by simply pouring new concrete in to it. This will fix the crack and stop it from spreading and becoming bigger.
  • According to pavement reviews, big cracks require more effort to fix. Cracks that are bigger should be enlarged further with a chisel and hammer. The bottom should be wider than top layer of the crack. Undercutting the crack is an important tip since the newly poured concrete will bind with the existing concrete more easily and will make the repair more permanent. Once you undercut the crack in the driveways, clean up all the loose driveway gravel with a brush and wash it out with a garden hose.
  • It’s best to use concrete adhesive in undercuts so that the patch will hold better. Give it time to dry. You can buy pavement materials since there are a lot for sale.
  • You can use a ready mix concrete patch just by adding water to it. But if you plan to use your own mixture in your driveway, use a gravel mix instead of a sand mix for good results. A gravel mix can be made by using 3 parts gravel, 1 part cement and 2 parts of sand. Apply the gravel mixture in the crack using a float or a trowel.
  •  Cover repaired cracks for 5-6 days. This allows the concrete patch to dry completely. It’s important that no vehicles should move on top.
  • Since concrete is porous and will start collecting dirt again as soon as you are done cleaning it, a sealer is recommended. Most concrete sealers are clear and will leave it with a semi-gloss patina.
  • You can also preserve your beautiful driveways by improving the drainage. Water from rain or your garden hose will puddle and create stains. And when this happens, nothing short of a major repair will fix it. Try correcting the slope so that water drains away.

Ask for Professional Help in Driveway Resurfacing

Some problems in your designs will require the help of professional concrete repair experts. Homeowners should consider getting help from these experts as a good investment because they can transform a damaged concrete garage floor and driveway into something brand new.

The first thing that this concrete repair companies will do is to assess the damage to your driveway and give recommendations on what has to be done as well as the paving cost. After assessing the depth of damage to concrete areas, they can provide you with a breakdown on the job that has to be done and the materials that will be used. The cost of repairs will vary with the materials for sale and the ones you will buy. But there might be instances when a simple repair is no longer feasible and a major driveway overhaul is the solution. It’s an advantage to homeowners if they have some background on how much the materials cost or what repair job they need. A little knowledge will go a long way in setting your expectations about the job and the money you have to shell out.

Following these repair and maintenance tips will help preserve your driveway and ensure that they are in perfect working condition for years to come.

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