Water Garden Landscape Projects (Ideas, Styles, Designs, Types, etc)

A lot of people are laboring under the false notion that water gardens are modern landscape projects.  Countries in the Middle East have been designing and buying water type gardens for centuries. Recently it’s being pushed as an entrancing and relaxing addition to homes and gardens. Most homeowners take great pride in decorating their interior and engaging projects. Well designed yards and gardens increase the value of the property and heighten its curb appeal. According to reviews, it also helps give the home landscape a serene and calm ambiance. Knowing how to do projects like these will give property owners another way of beautifying the landscape.


Water Garden Types & Styles

  • Aquatic Plants:  Several popular landscape projects that many integrate in their gardens make use of aquatic plants for sale. The more popular choices for aquatic plants are Hard and Topical Lilies. The plants come in several colors and size. The lilies add grace, beauty and a subtle fragrance to the area. But bear in mind that some species of water lilies thrive only when specific conditions are met. Buying tropical lilies are also known to bloom only at night, so using them in your projects would ensure that there’s always something blooming in your garden, night and day.
  • Floating Plants: Aside from water lilies, floating plants also make for a very appealing addition to water landscape projects. As the name implies, these plants float or sit on top of the water’s surface, with their roots submerged below the water. Floating plants are also very helpful since they help arrest the proliferation of algae thru the extra shade they give. Unfortunately, floating plants are also susceptible to extreme weather conditions, so it is best o carefully consider the climate of your immediate vicinity before starting your projects.
  • Gold Fish – Buying goldfish to it are an affordable addition to projects. Water gardens like ponds, streams or wading pools will look even better with the additional of fishes, and goldfish in particular. Goldfishes are quite inexpensive and come in different types and colors, not just gold.  This specie is also known for having the ability to adapt well to any climate. But the decision to add fishes to it should be made even before projects are started. Goldfishes need a bigger depth to survive, so your pond landscaping or other water feature should also include provisions for the fishes.
  • Koi Ponds: According to reviews, these are one of the most popular water  projects. However, it does tend to become costly since koi fish grow, thus necessitating a bigger pond or land area. Aside from the money to be spent building and maintaining a koi pond, designing a Japanese inspired garden might also be expensive.  Plus, the fish would need regular maintenance since they have to be fed regularly. This means that you might be forced to invest in automated feeders.
  • Waterwheel: A waterwheel is the landscape project that can single handedly transform a boring backyard garden into something beautiful and relaxing. The soothing music of water falling as the waterwheel turns is a welcome addition to any turf. Waterwheels might be costly projects, but worth the money that went into building it.

Creating a Water Garden Landscape by Design

Projects like this are great additions to any property.  Friends and family would enjoy staying in your garden more when they see your beautifully designed landscape. It doesn’t matter whether it is big or small, it’s still a calming and relaxing feature. And with a tiny bit of knowhow, garden enthusiasts can even make it.

The first thing you need to do is decide on the kind that you want. Do some research and study about the different materials, fish and plants for sale that you can use. The next step in this kind of projects is to find the perfect spot for it. Place it in an area with 5 hours of direct sunlight and away from shady trees.

They demand care and attention, but this is attention well spent. Beautifully designed and maintained projects can complement, or even enhance, the overall design theme of the house.

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