What Affects Wood Flooring Cost

Many homeowners and designers love the look and feel of hard wood floors but worry about the cost. Wooden flooring can exude warmth or sophistication and can be used in homes and businesses. Wood flooring cost can be a bit steep, but they can last for centuries with the right care and maintenance.

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Factors Affecting Wood Flooring Cost

Having one installed is a good investment for your home. Its durability is beyond compare, especially if you buy the right type of flooring and it’s installed properly. However, hardwood floors cost will depend on several things.

  • What kind of hardwood is it? There are two hardwood flooring types to choose from. And choosing to use solid or engineered hardwood will dramatically affect the  cost. Solid flooring is the traditional style of flooring that has been used for centuries and is the costlier of the two. Engineered hardwood, on the other hand, is a relatively new flooring type. While engineered one is high quality flooring, most people are still wary of it since it’s made from a combination of several species of similar hardwood. Examples of engineered hardwood being used today are bamboo, birch wood, cherry, maple, oak, pecan and sienna.

  • What species will you use? This is one of the main factors that affect the cost. Each species has its own singular characteristics and is a big factor in why it’s chosen. For example, the color and grain pattern that would look good in your space are determined by the specie of the hardwood and the part of the tree it’s cut from. These differences are what make the wood floor designs unique and beautiful. The rule of thumb is that local hardwood one like hickory or walnut are cheaper than the exotic Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring.

  • What finishes will be used? There are two types of finishes for wood floors, the pre-finished and the unfinished or “finish in place.” When we say pre-finished, the hardwood floors are already sanded, screened and stained. They’ve also been sprayed with several coats of urethane to make it last longer. Unfinished or “finish in place” are hardwoods that will be installed, sanded, stained and then sprayed with 2-3 coats of urethane right in your property. This is time consuming and really messy, but it’s great if you’re aiming for one that will not be found anywhere else. Of the two finishes, pre-finished will cost more.

  • Will you hire a professional or do it yourself? Sometimes the price of buying and installing can cost as much as the floors itself, so this is a factor that homeowners really need to consider carefully. You can do the installation yourself, but it can be time consuming and labor intensive. But if hiring a professional to install the wood flooring is something that’s really beyond your budget, you can cut corners by installing a part or the whole floor yourself.

  • What’s your location? If you do hire professionals to install your hardwood floor, the cost of labor will also depend on where you are located. For instance, is your residence far out in the suburb or are you living in a condominium? Will the installation be done on the ground floor or will the equipment and materials be brought up to the top floor? Where the project is located brings out new problems and situations that has to be taken into consideration and which will affect the labor price.

  • Is there furniture to be moved? This is a hidden cost done by most companies. If the installers have to move furniture from one room to another before they start on the  installation, you will get billed for it. So clarify this with your contractor or flooring installers.

Wood Flooring Cost – Tips on Hardwood Floor Cost

Having a clear idea of what factors and details you need to think about when you buy one, check cost estimate and knowing the requirements that will affect the price of labor will give you a more extensive view of what it will cost will be. Always get 3 or more proposals from different contractors to give you a good understanding of what the ballpark figure is for labor costs and to guide you in choosing the contractor who’s right for installing wood flooring and who’ll give you a fair deal on the cost.

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