What to look for when doing a Lawn Mower Repair

Lawn mower repair ironically spoils your summer fun time. According to reviews, when summer hits, everyone thinks of vacation, enjoyment and relaxation. However, when your mower starts to annoy you when it is supposed to be working most of the week days, because of its breakdown and hang ups, you need to get your feet on the ground, pull your sleeves up and fix the mess with troubleshooting ideas.


When it is in trouble, oftentimes, the exhibits the problem in other areas than the affected area itself. For an instance where the spark plug is not functioning well and should be replaced, symptoms might appear that engine doesn’t get the gas or that it may appear that something is not right with the carburetor. Basically, do not need much repair than they need maintenance. There is eventually a great difference with it that just sits useless for months than that of a mower that is running for most of the days.

Maintenance for a lawn mower repair

Before hitting the mower to work, make sure that the engine, blade and other parts are thoroughly cleaned. Some do clean the parts with water. It is not the best practice, but some find success. One of the best ways though is to scrape below the deck and use an air compressor to clean the air filter, carburetor, everything around the engine, and pulleys.

You can actually try the engine repair yourself or you can even bring your unit to shops or any service center. However, when the damage is severe, it is better to get yourself another unit. It does not necessarily mean though that newer one is better than used, nor the best one. But, you can actually save time and money with buying a new one for sale.

Moving forward with lawn engine repair, you might find more reasons as to why you are having problems with starting your engine. One reason could be that the engine is not getting fuel of that the fuel is not properly mixed. Another reason could be is something is now working properly with the ignition. It might be the pull rope is not holding or there is not enough power to turn it on.

Assessing fuel during lawn mower repair

Having clean fuel in the first place is very important in troubleshooting. This is yet a practice even in shops and service centers, regardless if it is a used or buying the best one for sale in town. Make sure not to use old fuel. If you are not sure if it has been mixed or not, better not to give it a chance and throw it out.

Make sure you get enough spark to start the engine if you conclude that the problem is not related with your fuel. Start by removing the outer rubber casing with a spark plug wrench. Remove it carefully. According to reviews, replace the casing if you find it oily and greasy. If it looks good and fit, put back the outer rubber casing and place the spark plug’s end against the mower’s body. According to reviews, check for a clear blue spark after you hit the start button. The clear blue spark indicates the plug is okay to use. Replace the plug if it is not producing the spark needed. Replace the connecting wire as well.

Most of the steps are easily practical. It is still a best practice to maintain well your lawn mower unit so as not to have it repair often.

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