10 Reasons for Decorating Your RV

Living in an RV is very different than living in an apartment or a stick house.  No matter what type of abode you live in, you still wish that your place would feel and look like your humble home.

You don’t want to live in an mobile home  which resembles all the other ones in the park.  Yet, you don’t like to take chances in decorating your mobile home if you are concerned about its resale value.  In reality, there are still a myriad of things you can actually do to add individuality, ease, and style to your personal recreational vehicle without doing a drastic job.

If you consider your mobile home as your home, it should by all means give you good vibes every time you enter its door.  Well-chosen accessories such as color schemes, furniture, and interior lights can just be a few ideas for decorating your motorhome.  You can even add an awning outside to give it a whole new dimension.

Decorating Your RV

It’s like virtually creating a new room to your abode.  You can sprawl some chairs and folding tables outside beneath your awning.  Doing so will make you enjoy the great outdoors in a whole new perspective.  Furthermore, it can attract outdoor barbecues and open-air dining which can be so much fun.

Most owners of different types of recreational vehicles choose a “theme” such as country, nautical, vintage, or western style.  With the right skills, a themed mobile trailer can look very attractive.  However, it is not a good idea to go overboard and cram every corner of your home with decorative items.  RV decorating can be done subtly and yet it can still achieve a refreshing look.

Ten Great Reasons

1.  Decorating is the most practical way to have a real upgrade.  In contrast with trading it in, doing something like this allows you to have the look you’ve always desired and add the details you need at a cost which is cheaper than getting a new model.

2.  Decorating your RV is the method of designing and customizing it in order to match your unique lifestyle and also your individual tastes.  No other option can be chosen to fulfill this task.

3.  Smart and modern styles puts more market value to it.  Such added market value consequently results in having a bigger selling price.  This tends to give it a faster selling rate since interested buyers don’t want an irreplaceable item missed out.

4.  Decorated personal RVs have the tendency to possess a better quality as compared to those which haven’t undergone any remodeling at all.  When executed in a proper manner, it is a rewarding combination of creativity, workmanship, and quality materials.  While there may be some companies which claim that they can accomplish the decorating task at the factory, it’s hard to beat a proud private owner who has all the needed valuable time in a busy world.

5.  The main difference between an unit worth $75,000 and an unit worth $275,000 is their interior.  Meticulous owners utilize skillful interior RV redecorating and perform selective upgrades in order to produce a ritzy unit which costs lower than the new top-of-the-line model.

6.  It is extremely an enjoyable and rewarding activity.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re altering the style or adding in some new features.  Redesigning ventures are often characterized by anticipation and excitement of a totally new habitable space.

7.  Even though top-of-the-line units are priced considerably higher than a normal dwelling place, most of them don’t even have the most basic home amenities such as desks, book shelves, garbage disposals, dishwashers, and access to the Internet.

8.  It gives it a significantly much bigger storage space than the new models.  Makers don’t have the required time to put in rotating shelves, drawer dividers pull-out cabinet inserts and closet organizers.

9.  While it is true that the number of full-time RVers is higher than two million, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a so-called special model meant for full-timers.  The qualities needed to make a qualified full-timing TV should be rightfully implemented by the owners.

10.  There are a big number of people who would remodel their RVs in a routine fashion.  The five popularly done projects are:

a.  Floor changing or upgrading

b.  Furniture reupholstering

c.  Window features upgrading

d.  Wallpaper adding or wall painting

e.  Dinette changing with a set of chairs and a table

Use RV Decorating Plans

Whatever plan you have, you must make it a point that it matches your needs and it is what you really want.  Don’t just settle with the furnishings which came with it.  It is now your home.  Redesigning it in your own chosen style will definitely give you a feeling of comfort and ease.


4 Tips When Preparing Your Custom RV for a Trip

New owners of a custom RV will learn over time and thru experience how to equip their recreational vechiel for a trip. However, there’s really no need to have years of experience before one learns how to equip it appropriately. Here are several tips and advice on what custom motorhome owners can to do prepare for a journey.

4 Tips to Consider

The first and most important thing to consider when preparing your customized RV for a trip is to check how ready your vehicle is. It’s vital that you thoroughly check it before a trip to make sure that it’s safe to use. Look at its mileage or service date. Examine the tires and see if they’ve been inflated correctly and if they’re roadworthy. Always make sure that you have spare tires and that they’re accessible. Owners should also check the oil and water levels, as well as all the exterior and indicator lights. All vital parts should be in perfect working order.

Custom RV

The next important tip is to pack your motorhome appropriately for your trip. Make a checklist of things that you might need or are essential for your trip. Check out websites and magazines that are all about RVs for ideas on what to include in your checklist.

This list will change and evolve through the years as you gain more experience or as your family’s needs changes. Go over your checklist again before you embark on your trip and cross items off one by one. This is also a good way to make sure that you’re only bringing things that are essential.

Another crucial tip before you take off  is to know the route you’re taking as well as your destination. Most RV types are huge, bulky and need to be driven with care, so you should plan the roads that you’ll take in advance to lessen the wear and tear on your vehicle.

Driving a customized mobile home is more challenging than a car so you should know in advance any campsites that you can stop in, low bridges that you might need to pass en route and narrow roads that have sharp twists or turns. Knowing what you’ll encounter on the road can help you avoid those challenging situations. You should also bear in mind that some areas might not permit vehicles of a specific weight or size to pass through.

Lastly, consider your destination. Will you be traveling to another country or state? Do you know the area’s local requirements for driving a custom motorhome? Some countries or states have specific requirements before they can allow someone to drive a vehicle like that. For instance, if you’re thinking of traveling thru France, you should wear a high visibility vest while driving it.

What to Bring on Your Holiday RV Trip

Once you’re done preparing, it’s now time to turn your attentions on what to bring. Something that can really ruin a good trip is to arrive at your destination and find that you lack the necessary supplies. The essential things that you should be packing for your trip are –

  • Food – bring a good mix of perishable and non-perishable items to make food last longer. Cooking meals in advance and freezing them is a good option.

  • Clothes – Some essentials for a trip are swim suits, good running shoes or cross training shoes, easy on the feet sandals, pants, T-shirts, pajamas, socks and lots of undergarments.

  • Cooking supplies – aside from food, bringing the right cooking gear is essential. Every customised RV has a propane stove, but most owners on a trip also enjoy cooking outside. Grills on a tripod is a good thing to bring, also cast iron skillets, Dutch ovens, broiler baskets, cooking utensils like spatulas, plates, cups and eating utensils.

  • Extra supplies – it’s so easy to overlook small items when you’re preparing for a trip, but you shouldn’t forget to bring flashlights, a battery operated radio, extra batteries, bug repellent sprays, Tiki torches and a First Aid kit.

  • Extra furniture – some RV interiors might have been outfitted with luxurious furniture, but you should also bring furniture that you can use outdoors. Buy RV accessories like hammocks, lawn chairs, portable picnic tables and tents in your custom recreational vehicle.

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