2 simple storage shed designs

2 simple storage shed designs

A storage shed is a good investment these days. If you are planning on giving your backyard a new look, integrating this structure can help in giving your space a more functional feel. What’s more, you will appreciate its presence especially after doing some serious home cleaning and you need to put away some items that you no longer need. It will be the perfect home for your discarded things until the time you can get dispose of them or sell them depending on your preferences.

simple storage shed designs

Building it is a fun thing to do even if you are just a beginner. There are dozens of stylish storage shed designs for sale that can provide you with the space you need while at the same time give your yard a more appealing look. If this is your first time to build one, it would be better if you go with the simple designs first so you can get used to reading the plans and familiarizing yourself with your carpentry tools.


Simple Designs

Like it was mentioned before, there are plenty of designs for you to consider when it comes to this. For  beginners in DIY building, you can start with buying lean-to or even pent roof sheds.


  • Lean-to Sheds – This is one of the basic designs that you will find when it comes to it. This structure is usually attached to an existing building for more support. Typically, a lean-to only has three walls with the fourth being the wall of the structure where you will be attaching the shed to. The roof is usually installed at an angle so rain water can drain easily. You can add a door or not depending on how valuable the items you will be storing in your new building. Of course, if you want to protect the condition of your items going for a sturdy door is highly recommended.
  • Pent Roof Sheds – This type is almost the same as the lean-to. It also has a sloped roof and a rectangular body. The only difference between the two is that this one is a freestanding structure while lean-tos require the presence of another building for support. You can build it near an existing building if you want to double its chances of remaining standing especially when your area is prone to harsh weather conditions. Pent roof units often come with a door and two windows at least all located at the front.


Have a Well Organized Backyard

The backyard is often forgotten by homeowners when remodeling their home. Sometimes clutter have already piled up giving your space an unkempt appearance. Since you are in the process of giving your space its much needed makeover, you should consider the steps on how to achieve a well organized backyard. Usually, to achieve this one has to build a storage unit but for some people, they see this as an added expense they don’t need when a tarp can suffice.

However, if you will look at it in a different perspective you will find that you are spending more on buying tarpaulins to cover your outdoor tools and equipment compared to building a sturdy and durable kind. It is made up of really durable materials like wood, vinyl or even plastic. The walls and roof offer better protection against inclement weather compared to tarps. A strong wind can rip apart your tarp if not tacked properly.

A storage unit, on the other hand, is a durable structure that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. It can provide you with the means to keep your tools, equipment and other important items well organized for easy access any time you need them. It can have cabinets, drawers and shelves for a more organized look. You can even add a table to it if you want to have a work station available. Of course, this depends on the size that you will be building and how you want to use it too.

If you want your yard to look better adding a storage unit can do more than just increase your space’s overall appeal but it can also jack up its value too.

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