3 Great Lawn Edging Ideas

3 Great Lawn Edging Ideas


Lawn edging plays a significant role in landscape design because it is often used to keep away any unruly lawn grass from overtaking your well manicured lawn and lawn beds. However, the main use of edging is purely for aesthetic reasons.

If you want your lawn to look fantastic and have better value than before, applying decorative landscaping edging is highly recommended. Although this technique may provide you with the same advantages as the rest of the landscaping methods you have come across, it is still worth checking out since it makes use of grace and style in creating that amazing look for your landscape.

Lawn Edging Ideas

Decorative Suggestions

There are many lawn edging ideas that you can find online and in magazines. These ideas are guaranteed to put the edge to your yard making it stand out in your neighborhood.

  • Cast-Iron – If you want to give your lawn that Old-World look and feel adding cast-iron edgings is a must. Many landscapers incorporate cast-iron decorations to bring to life the works of blacksmiths centuries ago. Their durable design guarantees that they will last you for ages. Fortunately, cast-iron products aren’t hard to find these days since they are among the most in demand lawn edging products today. You can get them in several pieces for easy assembly. Installing them on your lawn won’t be too difficult since their base has a spike incorporated so you can pierce the ground easily.


  • Flowering Plants – One of the simplest lawn edging designs that you can use is to add flowering plants around your landscape. There are many flowering types that you can incorporate into your landscape design such as Catspaw, Veronica and Candy Tuft. Alyssum and Zinnia will work nicely too for it. You can mix and match any dwarf plants to create a more stylish looking lawn.


  • Branches of Willow – If you want to have an English style garden on your property adding willow branches is suitable to use. Willow branches for it are typical in many English gardens. Its supple branches can be bent and twisted according to your design so you can be as creative as you want to be when designing your landscape’s edges.

Custom Sheds on it

Aside from applying it to your landscape another bright idea that you can use is to add custom sheds. Storage sheds are great additions to your yard especially if you want to have extra storage spaces for you to put your gardening tools or even your motorbike. They come in different types and designs. Some are ideal for homeowners who love to work on their garden while others can be converted into a work station.

If you want to have one that has multiple purposes look for custom sheds. There are manufacturers that offer customized sheds designed to suit your specific needs. You can get them pre-built for easy assembly so you don’t have to worry about your carpentry skills being put the test. These kits are among those are pretty much in demand these days so you won’t have a hard time finding one that you can include in your lawn.

Beautifying your home isn’t just about the interior but the exterior as well. This is why it is best that you pay attention to how you will design your yard. Lawn edging and other landscape designs can help improve its curb appeal and by adding that extra storage area, you are giving your property a unique look that sets it apart from the rest of your neighborhood. Adding accessories to your yard like those mentioned above can certainly turn your yard from boring to attractive in no time.

You can hire an expert landscaper to look over your yard. But if you want to save money while upgrading your garden, you can make use of various garden edging ideas found online or in magazines to liven up your space. Creating a stylish yard can be accomplished on your own as long as you know how you want your landscape to look like. And with the help of flower bed edging and storage sheds, you can give your landscape its much needed upgrade without spending most of your savings.


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