3 reasons to buy hardwood floor underlayment

3 reasons to buy hardwood floor underlayment

When buying hardwood flooring underlayment, you should know that they are prone to suffering from damage especially when exposed to constant wear and tear. A household that has plenty of foot traffic going on whether human or animal will find their floors looking the worse for wear. If this is the case, the only solution is to find a type that is durable and sturdy without compromising its overall beauty. For homeowners, flooring that can fit their limited budget is also an advantage. If this is also what you are looking for then it is the best choice available today.

buy hardwood floor underlayment

Why Choose them

You might be wondering why you need to settle with laminate when you can invest on real wood like oak, ash and pine? Well, you might be willing to spend more than a thousand dollars to have real wood but you need to think about how long its natural beauty will last based on the daily hustle and bustle. Many do believe that hardwood can withstand the test of time but there are cases where scratches, cracks and dents can form in just a few years due to the heavy foot traffic in the house. The downside to owning this type is that you cannot replace a single damaged panel but you have to tear out a section out to replace them. This can be expensive and a hassle too.

What about this type? Well, this type is sturdy enough to withstand the normal activities happening in a crowded house. Not only that, but it is also designed to look like real wood with the exception of the high price. If you will weigh your options, you know that you can’t get a better deal than getting qualityat a really affordable rate.

3 Great REasons

For those homeowners who have decided that they will use this flooring for their floorboards, you might want to consider whether it is right for you. How can you decide on this? Well, here are some factors that you might want to consider before buying new floor boards.

  • Help Lower the Amount of Noise – It is recommended to homeowners that it has the ability to lower the noise that comes from your feet when you walk around the house. Since it is not fully integrated, there is a tendency for your feet to make sounds when you walk. In some areas, you can even hear squeaking sounds that can be attributed to the hollow space in between the subflooring and your laminate floorboards. Installing these floors with underlayment can greatly lower the impact of your footfalls.

  • Protection Against Moisture – If you are planning on installing them specifically in areas with high amounts of moisture like the kitchen or the bathroom, it would be better if you choose hardwood floor underlayment. These pads can help absorb the presence of moisture which can prevent damage. If you want to increase the level of protection you can get for them, you need to spare money in buying quality underlayment.

  • Covering Poor Sub-Flooring – For houses where the existing sub-floor is not really in good condition, installing laminate flooring underlayment it is definitely an advantage. Usually, the padding can help cover up any holes or dents which helps in making the surface even prior to installation of them. However, you should take note that if the dents, cracks or holes are too big to be covered up by something it would be better to address this problem first before the installation.

With these things in mind, you can easily determine whether or not it that has underlayment already attached is perfect. It would be better if you weigh your options carefully by reading hardwood floor underlayment reviews.

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