3 reasons to not buy Synthetic Wood Flooring

3 reasons to not buy Synthetic Wood Flooring

Who would have thought that synthetic wood flooring will come a long way? Ever since this type was manufactured, many households and even offices make use of it not just because it is affordable but because it has the ability to simulate the look of real hardwood floors.

Sometimes referred to as floating hardwood floor, synthetic flooring is designed not just to be beautiful but sturdy and durable as well. Many would argue that it are quite capable of withstanding the constant foot traffic but buying synthetic wood flooring can do this as well perhaps even better.

Synthetic Wood Flooring

You see, although it is tough especially when it comes to foot traffic, sometimes moving heavy objects like furniture or even the paws of your pets can cause scratches on their surface. The only way to remove the scars to the surface is to replace the entire section which, of course, can cost a lot of money. However,  you just need to replace the damaged section which is a whole lot cheaper when compared with hardwood.

How it is Made

This type is actually a combination of non-synthetic and synthetic materials. These materials are combined together using high pressure and extreme heat. Afterwards, the surface of the floating hardwood floor is covered with a hard coating using cellulose materials that are coated with resin. This adds another heavy duty layer that can withstand the heavy footfalls of a person or animal for that matter.

Another reason why this coating is added is to protect the floor underneath from scratches and even abrasions. What’s more, it is geared to saving the environment because it makes use of fibrous materials more than it uses wood.

The combination of materials for it has clearly made it one of the best alternatives. When you look for synthetized wood flooring in stores today, you will find that they certainly imitate the look of real hardwood down to the striations, colors and patterns. Many homeowners have already been impressed with the way it has changed the look of their homes. What’s even better is that they spend less in acquiring this new system compared to getting those exquisite looking floors.

The Benefits of Floating Hardwood Floor over the Synthetic Kind

Why should you choose synthetic wood over real hardwood? Well, there are many reasons why this type is is becoming the number one choice in many households today. Here are some reasons why many opt for this type.

# Versatile – Unlike other types, this one is quite versatile. You can actually place it anywhere in the house without worrying about its condition. The only area that this type won’t stand a chance is around the bathroom or wash area. Laminate floors are not made to be exposed to too much water or moisture. When they are, they can either bubble up or deteriorate leaving you no choice but to replace them with something new.

# Durable – If you have a big household with lots of kids and pets for that matter then this is the right type for you. Why? Just like it was mentioned above, this type of wood is designed to absorb the impact made by feet and the weight of heavy furniture as well. Depending on its rating, there are some types that are designed for areas like the bedroom where there is less traffic while others are designed specifically for areas of the house that have high traffic like the living room, kitchen or even the hallways.

#  Design – Another reason why many homeowners prefer this type is because it comes in a wide range of designs and styles. Since this type can take the place, expect to see different types of wood among its designs. Who said that you cannot enjoy the beauty even when you don’t have the budget for one? With this type of synthetic wood flooring you can easily mix and match its design with the rest of the furnishings in your home.

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