4 Factors to Determine the Best Laminate Flooring Brand

4 Factors to Determine the Best Laminate Flooring Brand


Are you searching for the best laminate flooring brand in the market today? Before you start doing so, learning more about its history should help. Did you know that this type was first introduced in the market in 1977 by Pergo AB? This company in Sweden only broke ground when they market their floating wood floors on the Midwest as well as the East Coast. Many were impressed with the quality not to mention the choices available and because of this, other manufacturers have come up with their own kinds.

The number of manufacturers that have sprouted up clearly confused many homeowners who are looking for the best manufacturer. Many of these companies promise quality but only a few live up to their clients’ expectations. So, how can you find the perfect brand for your flooring? Well, there are certain factors that you can make use of when narrowing down your pool of choices for the best type.

Best Laminate Flooring Brand

Four Factors to Take Note Of

For those who are looking for floating wood floors for their home, considering the factors mentioned below can certainly help you buy the best laminate flooring.

  • Installation – The great one that is one that can be installed easily. A good style can be installed with just a few clicks and snaps and can be placed on top of all kinds of existing floor or even sub-floors. You don’t even have to use nails to secure the planks in place. However, you might need to buy laminate glue to make sure that your floors won’t move.
  • Durability – Compared to other types, laminate floors are very durable. This is one of its main features that clearly attract many homeowners out there. In order to attain this renowned durability, each floor is equipped with backboards made from materials with high density. If you are looking for something you can depend on, you need to determine how durable the product is when it is pitted against heavy foot traffic, running pets and even moving heavy furniture pieces. Determine how sturdy the brand is against scuffs, stains, scratches and even dents.
  • Maintenance – This one that allows you to maintain it easily. Although most floors are not that difficult to take care of, knowing which ones hardly require cleaning may help you decide which brand to purchase.
  • Price – This is also another factor that can be used to decide which of the manufacturers out there are worth considering. It is common knowledge that laminate floors are cheaper compared to other types out there but you still need to weigh the prices of laminate flooring brands carefully to get your money’s worth.

For Floating Wood Floors

Using the factors mentioned above can help you select most reliable brand for your floating wood floors. If you want to learn more about any specific brand and what other customers have to say about them, reading reviews can help out a lot. Reading reviews not only help you determine which ones are among the top favorites in the market but also where you can buy these products.

Since this type of flooring is very much sought after, it isn’t all that hard to find stores selling them. In fact, most hardware and home improvement stores are sure to have different types of floating laminate wood flooring available. You can ask the sales clerk for additional information on these products to seal the deal. Knowing the pros and cons of each type and company can be useful especially when getting one for your home.

If you still can’t make up your mind, ask for samples to bring home so you can lay them down on the room you wish to replace the floors. This way, you can get a much better idea on how it will look like once installed. Again, if you are looking for the most reliable kind, take the time to do some research and read laminate flooring brand reviews to know which company are among the favorites by most homeowners.

A Guide to Find the Most Reliable Laminate Brand

Are you looking for the most dependable laminate flooring brand for your floors? For homeowners who often have a busy schedule, laminete flooring is heaven sent. Compared to traditional hardwood floors that require constant maintenance to keep up their natural beauty, the flooring doesn’t require regular maintenance.

What’s more, this type of flooring doesn’t require re-sanding and refinishing after a few years because it can maintain its look effortlessly. Another reason why many homeowners are looking something reliable is that the design of the floors often imitate that of original hardwood floors from the striations all the way to the shade of the surface. If you are looking for a trustworthy laminate brand, there are some factors that you can use as guides to narrow down your choices.

Why Find them

  • Wide Variety of Design Ideas – The use is actually endless. When looking for the brands you will find that there are plenty of options to consider such as distressed floors, realistic hardwood, and parquet floors. All these designs and more can be found. It is just a matter of finding the right manufacturer to purchase from.

  • Durable – If you are looking for great looking floors that will last you a long time, then get the most trustworthy laminate brand for your floors. These floors are very popular for their durability. The floors are quite popular for this feature. If you have a family that is always on the go you need to have floors that can withstand constant foot traffic while still retaining its natural shine. This is where they can come in. For families with kids, installing rugs and runners can help cushion their feet while walking or running on their  floors.

Read Reviews

If you want to get some great for your floors, you might want to read reviews on them first to get a better idea on what to look for in your floors. One of the things that many homeowners look for in floors is easy installation. Fortunately, the flooring such as walnut laminate flooring are designed to be easily installed. If you consider yourself as a DIY homeowner then this is the perfect floor for you. Even if you don’t need to hire a floor contractor to do the installation you should still get their expert advice so you can narrow down your choices.

Most reviews will highlight the pros and cons of them according to brand. That is why if you are after the best laminate brand, you should carefully consider what advantages and disadvantages you can get out of your it Even if your floors are easy to maintain, you still need to know how to do it properly including what materials should you use to keep up the beauty of your floors. And another thing, when buying it you should look for one that has water proof features to prevent water from getting into your floors. Since it is prone to warping especially when they are exposed to water you should look for protection for your floors when getting a highly reviewed laminate brand.

Even if you have already something decided, repairs will be needed at one point in time. The good news is that when repairing them, you can get repair kits from your local hardware store. These kits can be used to fix and bumps, dents or even scratches. You can do small repairs on your own as long as you have the right materials on hand.

Once you have found something for your floors you should think about the cost of labor to install it. This way, you can prepare your budget for the installation of your new floors. Taking the time to look for a highly regarded brand is well worth it especially when it can turn your home into a more beautiful place to walk around in. Durable, versatile and beautiful to look at, finding some reliable will help you turn your home into an incredible place to enjoy.

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