4 great Pergolas ideas

4 great Pergolas ideas

Pergolas are one of the most popular garden structures today. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they have many uses too. However, there are some homeowners who question the installation of such a structure on their front or backyard thinking that there is nothing to be gained from it except as added décor. On the contrary, they can amount to something more than an attractive garden accessory. As a matter of fact, you can use it in so many ways that you and the family and even your guests are sure to enjoy.


Using them

So you are considering adding them but don’t really know how you can convince your partner that this is the right thing to do. Fortunately, you can impress your loved one with this decoration’s versatility. Like it was mentioned before, there are many ways you can use a pergola on your yard. Here are some free Pergolas ideas to help you out.


  • Divider – They are great dividers in the garden. You can use them as a place to stop over while enjoying your yard. You can entice your visitors to take a look at your garden when you buy a beautiful pergola because they will be curious to know what other surprises you have in store in your garden.
  • Shade – Much as you would like to work around the yard, during the summer months, you need a shade to duck under when the sun is at its peak. You can place outdoor furniture underneath it for added comfort. If you love dining out, transform your it into al fresco areas so you can enjoy the beauty of your garden while finishing your tasty meal.
  • Entertainment – They are great for entertaining guests. Instead of hanging out indoors why not utilize the beauty of your yard for a more enjoyable party? Place chairs and tables under them so you and your guests can share stories and have fun while breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the scent of your garden.
  • Romantic getaway – They are also associated with romance especially when you add climbing plants with blooms to them. You can add torches on either side or even a swing to it. Let your creativity loose when it comes to designing your pergola and you will achieve a wonderful effect that can help add more character to your outdoor.


Pergolas or Custom Sheds?

Although they are great as hang outs in the garden there are some who believe that they can get more with custom sheds. They were once used as storage only but with the changing times they have become more than just a place to keep your things. Now they can be used as potting, office and even an extension of your home where you can hang out with friends too. You can achieve any of these by going for custom sheds which are being sold in many hardware stores and home improvement shops in kits.

The question now is which one is better? Pergolas or custom sheds? The answer can only be answered by you based on your preferences and needs. If you want a place that you can use from time to time then go for pergolas. However, if you plan on having a place to keep your things or even as an office then go for the customizable units. This won’t be a problem if you have a large space where you can install them both at the same time.

Even if you have a small yard, you can still install a pergola or a shed. You just need to factor in the amount of space that you have and the location where you want to install any of the two then decorate the rest of your yard with plants, shrubs and trees if you want. This way, you will be able to get the most out of your space which can certainly help in increasing its value. Upgrade the look of your yard by adding a shed or pergola depending on your needs. With it, there won’t be any lack of designs to choose from since there are plenty of manufacturers to consider. I hope these ideas for pergolas were helpful. Please let me know if I missed anything!

Pergola design ideas for the home

Many homeowners turn to pergolas to further enhance the beauty of their yard but with dozens of pergola design ideas for sale and to choose from, sometimes they can’t quite make up their mind on the design that they will be using. Since you will be using money to have a it installed on your yard, it is important that you find the right design so you won’t be wasting anything at all. The best way to achieve this is to factor in your home’s architectural structure so you can look for them that are a match or somewhat similar to it.

Pergola design ideas


Like it was mentioned before, come in different forms. If you will look at some reviews or articles about this type of installation you will find that many use them as decorative pieces on their yard while others utilize them as some sort of partition between the entryway and the rest of the yard. There are other ways that you can use them but before you do, you should know more about its two types.

  • Entryway Pergolas – As the name suggests, this type is usually placed in entryways. Based on several designs, the entryway king is more like of an arbor. Landscape artists and even average homeowners make use of this type to create a more mysterious entryway into the yard or home. It is visually appealing and can be a topic for many conversations with your guests upon arriving in your home. You can bring out the best in this type by allowing flowering plants such as roses and clematis to climb it.
  • Walkway Pergolas – When looking some ideas, you will find that it can be used to line up your yard’s walkway. It can give you some form of shade while you walk through your yard and by using the right type of plants to climb up it, you can create a beautiful walkway that will definitely attract anyone’s eyes. Whether you will be using it as part of your yard’s decoration or a functional one where in you can get some shade while accessing the rest of your yard, you’ll never go wrong in using them at all.
Using either of the two can certainly improve the overall look of your yard. The only thing that is left for you to do is to look for some designs that will match the rest of your home’s exterior theme and one that will complement the rest of your yard’s design.

Adding a Shed for Your Storage Needs

Aside from spending time looking at some ideas, you should also consider looking for a storage shed design that will fit your yard. Most homeowners are looking for the proper shed where they can store their things whether from their indoors or outdoors. However, the tricky part is finding something that will work with the space available as well as their needs. Fortunately, there are several types that are worth taking a look at.

Depending on the space you have available you can consider getting a tool shed, potting shed, vertical shed, office shed and even a large shed to answer all of your storage needs. There are some types of shed that allow you to use it as an extra workstation too. You can find yard designs where this and sheds are installed not just to increase the value of the property but to create a more interesting, beautiful and functional yard.

There are many ways for you to improve your lot whether it is by adding sheds or pergolas. One thing for sure, creating a unique look for yard can be a smart way not only to increase its value but also create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor for you and your family to enjoy. If you are looking for budget friendly ideas to beautify your space that will fit your budget. The same thing applies with sheds. You just need to browse through the available designs so you will get the right one.

Now is the perfect time to do that renovation on your yard especially when there are plenty of ideas to use. Add to and buying pergola designs shed plans for sale then you are really off to a good start in beautifying your space.

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