4 Great Tips on Renovating Master Bathrooms

4 Great Tips on Renovating Master Bathrooms

Renovating master bathrooms requires careful planning if you want to have the best bathroom in your home. There are many homeowners who are not really sure on how to go on about revamping the look of their own one probably because they don’t know where to begin.

The good news is that you don’t really have to look very far to find great ideas. In this article, you will get some helpful tips on how to upgrade the look of your master bathroom without having to dish out hundreds of dollars in the process. If you are ready to give it a whole new look, read on to find out more about remodeling. This way, when the time comes to breathe a whole new life to it you know what to do.


You might be thinking of hiring a professional contractor to come up with a design based on your existing setup. Although this is a good idea sometimes you need to develop your own tastes to make the design  totally different. If you are having a hard time figuring out what you want for it, here are some tips that you should carefully consider before starting your renovation project.

  • Preferences – When looking for master bathrooms ideas you should consider your wants as well as your needs. If you have someone to share it with, it is best that you talk about what you want for this particular room in the house so you can easily find ideas that are near with what you have in mind. Rustic vanities are perfect for couples who want to add a touch of country feel. You might want to install double vanities if you want for both him and her as well as shower faucets, bathtubs, and even mirrors. Listing down all the things you need and want for it can be a big help especially when deciding which of the ideas available online is right for you.

  • Cost Estimate List – Another tip that you should follow is to create a cost estimate list. This list will hold all the materials you will use including their price as well as schedule of the work. This way, you can have a much better idea on the cost of the entire project and how long it will last. You should include in your cost estimate list all the details of your project from the paint, fixtures, flooring and other decorations you want to place in it. With the price attached to each detail in your list you will know whether or not you are overshooting your budget.

  • Create a Blueprint – Before you start with your renovations, you should create a blueprint of the design you have in mind. This blueprint will help you save money in the long run because you get to follow a particular design and not just a jumble of different ideas. When creating a blueprint, you can use your own computer or you can draw using your own hands. Having a plan on hand can help you visualize the look of it better before doing it in actuality. It is recommended that you make copies of the current layout that you have for it. These copies will help you decide which designs should you use or not.

  • Lighting Fixtures – It needs to be properly lighted in order for you to see what’s going on. There are different lighting ideas that you can incorporate into your own design. Even it can have a whole new look with the right type of lighting. Again, having a blueprint of the lighting design you wish to have is highly recommended. It would be better if you know where the sockets and outlets are so you can create a plan that fits it.

 Installing Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Still looking for great ideas? How about installing rustic bathroom vanities? This type of vanity brings a bit of an old world charm to any modern home. Like it was mentioned before, this area is the least thought of when it comes to renovating a home but this doesn’t mean that you should forget it. Adding a touch of rusticity can create a more interesting look to your place while at the same time being quite functional for you and your partner. Don’t let it look poorly when you can come up with some new ideas to make this space look more inviting than before.

Bathroom remodeling is a fun project that any DIYer can do on their own. However, before you start wrecking your countertop or your bathtub you need to learn a few tips first. Here are some tips that can help you do your bathroom remodeling project successfully.

Tips on buying Bathroom Chandeliers

If you are craving for that extra edge why not install bathroom chandeliers ? Ever since designs have evolved, many homeowners are also looking into their own bathrooms to see how they can create a whole new look for it. Gone are the days when this area becomes the least thought of place in a house. Today, many people are looking for ways to transform this room into a comfortable and luxurious place for them to use.

There are some who are still wondering why they need to put up too much fuss on how it will look. Some even reason out that they only get to spend a few minutes of their time here. However, when you sum up those minutes in a day, you will find that this place is also one of the most frequented places in the house. Since this is the case, it is only right that you give it the same attention you are giving to the rest of your home and look for smart decorations like chandeliers for the bathroom to give it a different look.


Remodeling it shouldn’t cost you a lot of money. In fact, taking advantage of some budget-friendly renovation ideas can help you save money while at the same time upgrading the entire look. You might be surprised that changing the lighting system of your bathroom can make a big difference on how it looks like especially at night. Just to give you an idea on what this type of lighting fixture can do for you, here are the benefits to be gained when you install one.

*  Adds Character – Who would’ve thought that they can also be installed here? This type of lighting fixture can actually add more character to your space because of its elegance and beauty. These chandeliers also come in different sizes so that, regardless of how small or big your space is, you will find the perfect bathroom chandelier to use.

*  Edgy Lighting – Although there are many types of lighting fixtures out there, installing a chandelier can provide your bathroom with a more stylish and edgy lighting source. Depending on the style of the chandelier you can create a cozier lighting design that can help you relax even more. You can choose chandeliers with several lighting fixtures if you want to brighten it up at night.

* Decorative Lighting Fixture – Another benefit to installing a chandelier in your bathroom is that it can also serve as a decorative piece that can increase the value of your home. You can choose from a wide range of styles that range from simple to the more intricate. The materials used here are also worth taking note of because they too add more impact to the space you have available compared to the traditional bathroom lighting fixtures.

Match Your Counters with them

Installing bathroom chandeliers may just be what it needs to get a whole new look but don’t forget to pay attention to the rest of the design. This includes your countertops, cabinetries and even other  fixtures like the bathtub and toilet. If you have a budget set aside for the revamping project, you might want to consider doing a countertop resurfacing to match the beauty of them. Countertop resurfacing may be a complex task for some DIYers and if this is the case, then hiring an expert to do the job is recommended.

When buying bathroom chandeliers always make it a point to determine first whether or not they will work nicely with your existing setup. Make sure that the chandelier you will be purchasing suits the space available perfectly. Don’t buy small chandeliers for big bathrooms and vice versa. If you are having a hard time deciding which chandelier will be perfect for you, you can always ask for the expertise of  designers today.

Changing the look can be as simple as installing new lighting fixtures to it. And if you want to add that edgy look and feel for your space, they may just be what it needs.

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