4 small garden ideas (flower & vegetable)

4 small garden ideas (flower & vegetable)

Many believe that tending small gardens is a piece of cake compared to farming. Little do they know that this is not always so since it requires careful planning and deep consideration to be able to come up with a smart design for your backyard. Fortunately, there are plenty of ideas for small gardens for sale that you can utilize to create that perfect oasis that you can tend to and maintain without too much difficulty at all. You might just find how amazing it is to develop a functional and beautiful small garden on your yard without seeking assistance from the experts.

small garden ideas

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What ideas can you use? Well, here are some tried and tested methods that you can easily apply to your own little space any time.

  • Containers – Not everyone has access to a yard that has plenty of soil for you to work with. For some, the cemented lot can prove to be a disheartening sight for them but this can be easily overcome with the help of containers. There are some types of plants that can do well when potted in containers. You can even use raised beds if you don’t have enough soil to raise your plants. Another idea that you can use with containers is the vertical garden where you can place them hanging on your walls for more space on your yard.


However, be careful when selecting containers. Choose those that are appropriate for the kind of weather that you have. Plastics are useful for plants that require constant plenty of water while others can be more decorative when placed in pots made from terra cotta materials.

  • Types of Plants – Like it was mentioned before, there are dozens of types of plants to choose from. There are some that can easily adapt to all kinds of weather and soil conditions while others are a bit picky. You can find plants that will do well if planted with other types while some need to be separated to keep them in good condition. If you are thinking of combining different plants  make sure that you do some research first so you will get the right pairs.


Combine plants that have the same needs like food and water. Put together plants that require plenty of water or put them beside plants that don’t require regular watering. Knowing the combination of these plants is one of the keys to creating a stunning garden for you to enjoy.

  • Smell, Texture and Color – They can also benefit from having a centerpiece that will put the whole design together. You can choose plants based on their smell, their texture or their color. There are some who want to have a profusion of colors on their garden while others stick to certain colors.
  • Type of Soil – Soil is needed to raise plants just like they need water and sunlight. There are some types of soil that can help revitalize your plants while others can cause them to dry up and die. You should know what type of soil is appropriate for the plants that you have and what type of containers you will be using. Getting information on the soil can be useful so your garden will look its best.
  • Water System – They can benefit a lot from the right water system. There are times when you need to travel for a vacation or a party. This means that you will be leaving your garden unattended. If this is the case, you need to come up with the right watering system so your plants will not remain out of water when you have to take a few days off.

Wood Shed Plans – Building Storage Shed forSmallGardens

Tending small gardens is a nice way to relieve stress but if you don’t have proper storage for your tools, you will probably end up buying new ones a few months later. The best way to avoid this is to look for wood shed plans that are appropriate for the space that you have. Wood shed plans are designed to provide you with smart designs that will fit all kinds of garden space. Even if you have small gardens on your lot, you can still use these plans to build the perfect storage for your outdoor equipment. Finding one is definitely an advantage to you in the long run.

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