5 Amazing Walk In Closet Ideas

Having amazing walk in closets is one of the things that only a privileged few can have. This is why when you have this kind of room closet; you need to have the best kind of maintenance and improvement so that you can keep this place where all of your precious clothes, perfume, accessories and shoes are be a place to keep them at the best possible condition.


To get you started in these amazing ideas, here are some things that you need to consider to start up the maintenance of your wall closet units and corner closets, as well as to make your closet even better than it is. This is your crash course on how to make cool walk in closets.

5 Start Up Ideas

1. One of the simplest cool closet ideas is to repaint the units as well as the entire room. Although the color of the paint is based on your preference, the type of paint is important. Try to stick with water-based paints to prevent fumes from building up and accumulating in your enclosed space. You would also need to take all articles of clothing and wrap them in plastic or put them in another form of storage to prevent them from getting the paint. During this time also, it is great to add a closet shelf organizer in your closet wall units.

2. Another concept is to change all of the switches, bulbs that have gone busted and electric outlets that have gone loose. There are a lot of for sale switches and bulbs that you can buy in the market today.By changing these electric items either through an electrician or through a DIY guide, you can not only make them a safer haven for everyone, but you can also make an improvement into the look of your closet. By just a flick of the wrist, you can make it look better from looking like a storage unit to looking like a fully functional boutique.

3. According to reviews, one of the greatest things that you can make through a closets is to buy other lighting fixtures. You can add overhead lighting in every closet so that you can have a wonderful looking unit and makes it easier for you to have access to your possessions. You can also make them even more appealing by putting in lighting in shelves, making your bags or shoes appear in the best light possible.

4. If you happen to have a closet that is connected to a bathroom, improving the look of the bathroom through new fixtures and bath accessories can reflect with the rest of your walk in closet. Just make sure to apply the same color schemes to unify the two spaces.

5. Adding tiles to the floor of your closet is also a practical yet optional idea. Closets have varied floor treatments – some opt for hardwood, others for carpets – but according to reviews, tiling your floor can improve the overall lighting and can prevent any problems with dealing with moisture, especially when your closet is adjacent to your bathroom.

6. The closet doors can be easily replaced to match one’s taste and to update the space, and can also help in preventing any mold or mildew problems from spreading. By renting a wood cutter, getting solid wood sheets and having the right eye for closet repair, you can even make it on your own.

7. If your closet  is prone to water damage, you might want to repair the faucets and other water fixtures in the bathroom adjacent to the closet, ensuring that you can be keeping your closets free from moisture and damage.

Once you have had your closets clean and organized according to your preference, you can then buy hangers for sale that can save space and can preserve the shape of your clothes. You can also get quality storage units to put away other articles of clothing right until you need them. When it comes to amazing walk-in closets, a little improvement through these tips can go a long way.

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