5 Cheap Bathroom Mirror Ideas

 5 Cheap Bathroom Mirror Ideas

It is usually the mirror that attracts the eyes so if you want to make it stand out, you might want to start looking for bathroom mirror ideas today. It is usually place on eye level so you can easily view not just yourself but the rest of the area as well and what goes on in it.

Plain mirrors can make it look simple or sterile. However, if you want to add a touch of flair to it, looking for an upgraded look or other bathroom ideas for mirrors should be done. For sure, you will find some particularly interesting designs and styles that you might want to try out for your own personal bathroom.

5 Great Ideas

How can you possibly make your setup look better? Well, you don’t really have to buy new ones just so you can upgrade the overall look. In fact, adding some decorations can make a big impact already. Here are some ideas that you might want to consider.

* Framing – One example that won’t cost you a lot of money is to add frames. If the existing one is small in size, you can just take it down and incorporate a new frame for it before re-installing it. You can opt for frames that are simple in design or if you want to make it look more interesting, visit thrift stores or garage sales to see what kinds of frames are available. You can always paint your new frames using colors that suit your sense of style. If you can’t find a great frame to go along with it, you can always create your own using wood sidings.

*  Decorative Plants – Did you know that decorative plastic plants can also be used to decorate it? You can decorate it with fake plants to create a more interesting look. You can glue the plants around the edges or you can wedge it in between the wall and frame. Plastic and silk flowers and leaves are among the top favorites and won’t cost a lot of money.

*  Colorful Fabrics – Another example is to add swaths of fabrics to them. You need to place plastic hooks on the edges of the mirror frame to hold the fabric in place. Although there are many types of fabrics available, you should choose a color that blends well with the rest of your bathroom choice of colors. You can tie the edges of the fabric to make a more elaborate design. It would be better if you consider fabrics that are not difficult to wash so they won’t be too much of a hassle for you.

*  Opposing Mirrors – For those that have limited space, you can make this room appear bigger by installing opposing mirrors. A smaller mirror placed opposite of your main one can create the illusion that you have more space to work with.

*  Creative Painting – You can make them stand out even more by applying enamel paint along their edges. In fact, if you love doing stencils you can apply it here as well. Adding designs around it can certainly capture anyone’s attention when they use it.

Making the choice

Aside from suggestions mentioned above, you can also make use of designer mirrors to make it stand out even more. This type comes in different styles, designs and sizes to better accommodate the preferences of most homeowners. There are several manufacturers that specialize in mirrors which you can find both online and around your neighborhood. This type is sure to give it a whole new look at prices that are within easy reach.

Who said that you need to spend a lot of money when changing the look? You just need to think creatively and make use of different decorations on hand to make it look great. If you can’t seem to find that creative spark in your mind, try looking for ideas online where you are guaranteed to find radical designs that will make it stunning to look at.

The Power of Bathroom Wall Mirrors


Bathroom wall mirrors can do more than just show your reflection every time you enter it. Finding mirrors with stylish designs can actually create more impact to your space. There are some homeowners who keep forgetting to decorate it because they are more focused on areas of their house that are often frequented. It should also be included in this list because it is one of the most visited places in a house too. Fortunately, with more and more designers coming up with insane ideas on how to revamp the bathroom, homeowners are starting to grasp the importance of improving the look of their own one too.

Aside from getting new accessories  like shower curtains, window curtains, new sink and fixtures, installing bathroom wall mirrors should be considered too. Why? Because this item can help bring together every single décor in your area completely.

Why Install them

Why is it important to install them? Truth is, it is the mirror that usually draws the eyes of the person when they enter it. For smaller ones, installing such a mirror can help create the illusion that you have a bigger space. Also, playing with the style and design of wall mirrors for the bathroom can create different looks for it too and the best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to revamp the overall look of this room. Finding decorative bathroom mirrors can certainly help put together the rest of your accessories easily.

Another reason why you should install them is to help you see the rest of it without turning around. You can remove your make up while waiting for your bathtub to fill up with water because you can easily see your bathtub as you look at yourself on the mirror. Multitasking is easier when you have a wall mirror placed properly on your walls.

If you want to make it stand out even more, installing customized wall mirrors is worth considering. The best part when using this type of wall mirror is that you can create a design that will work nicely with your cabinets by design or with your existing wall color. A customized wall mirror can be used to complement your shower curtains and even your fixtures or you can use it as the centerpiece of it.

Choosing Cabinets by Design to Work with Bathroom Wall Mirrors

Once you find suitable units you might want to look for cabinets by design that can help your mirrors create the perfect theme for your bathroom. There are dozens of manufacturers out there that are offering cabinets by design, type and style too. It is just a matter of narrowing down your choices according to your preferences and budget. You can use the design of your mirror too when looking for cabinets. For example, if the mirror you choose has a darker colored frame, you can get dark colored cabinets to blend nicely with the centerpiece of it.

There are dozens of choices when it comes to bathroom wall mirrors that it won’t be too hard for you to come up with smart choices. Even if you have a traditional looking one or a more modern one, there is always a wall mirror that can grace your walls. Of course, you need to take note of the type of layout that you have and what space can be used to install your wall mirrors. This is important because these mirrors come in different sizes and shape.

Finding a unique looking wall mirror can certainly add an edge to your space. Although sticking with the usual styles for bathroom mirrors is okay, sometimes choosing outside the traditional designs can create a more interesting impact to your space. If you can’t find one that will suit the artistic side in you, you can always look for manufacturers that offer customization services. This way, you can just bring a design you have in mind and they will be the ones to do it for you. With the right bathroom wall mirrors, it will certainly look more impressive than before.

Tips on buying and installing Bathroom Mirror Frames

Did you know that buying bathroom mirror frames to your existing mirrors can create a big difference on how your bath room will look like? In fact, you can use them to brighten up your space regardless of how small or big it is. If you are tired of the boring look, then it is high time that you do something about it. The good news is that you don’t really need to spend a lot of money just to liven up the place. Sometimes, all your bathroom needs is just buying a new frame for your mirror.

Steps to Install them

Installing bathroom mirror frames shouldn’t be a tough job. However, there are certain steps that need to be followed correctly to get great results. If this is your first time to install framing on mirrors, here are the basic steps that you need to follow.

  • Measure the Mirror – Before you start, you really need to get the exact measurement meaning its width and height. You don’t want to end up with a frame that is too small or too big. This shouldn’t be too difficult to do on your own but if you are not sure on how to get the right dimensions, you can always ask for tips from professionals or you can do a bit of research online.

  • Get all the Necessary Tools – Just like with any installation project you need to have the necessary tools on hand. Aside from the frame that you will be using, you also need to have PVC or wood molding. You don’t have to look very far for these moldings because they can be found in your local hardware and home improvement stores. If you want to install moldings that last long, PVC moldings are the best choice. Not only is this type of molding capable of withstanding excessive moisture, it is also lightweight which means you can easily manipulate it according to your needs. The frame of your choice can be cut according to the measurements. For DIYers out there, a miter saw can be used to cut the necessary lengths for your frames.

  • Apply Paint that is Semi-Gloss – Semi-gloss paints come in different shades so choose one that works best for you or your overall theme.

  • Mark Your Bathroom Mirror’s Sides – Prior to installing the frames, you need to measure 2 inches on all sides of your mirror. This is where you will be attaching the Velcro or double sided tape. Once the tapes have been installed, you can now place the frames from bottom to the sides before placing the top section of the frame. Before you lay in the final piece, make sure the rest fits snugly.

  • Apply Caulking – The joint sections should be caulked.

  • Apply Paint – Don’t forget to hide the seams as well as the caulk on the frame of your mirror. You can do this easily by painting the frame with the color of your choice.

Some extra helpful tips

Aside from the steps mentioned above on how to install mirror frames, there are other methods that you can use aside from the Velcro or double sided tape. A nail glue is much more convenient because it allows you to move the entire frame from one place to another without damaging the walls or the frame itself. Another tip that you definitely need to keep in mind is that you need to make sure that the frame fits the mirror well.

This is important because you don’t want it to fall off when you move it around. And lastly, always make it a point to check on how well it is attached to the wall. This way, you can prevent any accidents from happening when you install frames for your bathroom mirrors.

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