5 tips for fixing your laminate floors

Laminate flooring is durable in itself, but it also prone to damage as to why floor repair has become popular these days. This type of flooring is an affordable alternative to natural hardwood flooring for sale that is strong, resilient and resistant to the usual wear and tear. It affordable price point makes it ideal for any type of home, and can be used for a number of different rooms, whether indoor, or even outdoors.


Even so, repairing is needed for these kinds of floors as they are not immune to the usual wear and tear that things happen to endure over the course of time. To start protecting your wood flooring designs and making sure that your floor is well maintained, here is a brief on the reason why floor repair is essential and the floor repair tips that you can do without having to buy any special product and just using household items that you have on stock.

According to reviews, if you happen to have a home that has a child or children, or pets that can roam freely within the indoor and/or outdoor area, you are likely to see some bumps and scrapes on your floor. Also, if you have changed the configuration of your furniture over the years, you are likely to have a scrape down the place where your old furniture used to be and you would have to cover it eventually.

Because of these situations, you need to find a way in order for you to cover these spots and to take care of the damage, which is actually very simple to do. You don’t need to replace the panel or get a professional scratch removal agent and have a harder time when you can just get household items that you already have to do your repair

Laminate Floor Repair Solutions on Wood Flooring Designs

WD-40 or Any Other Water Displacing Spray

Buying a WD-40 is usually used to prevent corrosion in engines and other machines, but did you know that it works perfectly to remove scuffs off of your laminated floor. What you need to do is to spray it in a piece of spare cloth or rag (not directly on the floor) and apply it in a gentle, circular motion. You will be surprised to find that your floor looks good as new once you have finished the process on your damaged floor area.

Spare Rubber or Pencil Eraser

According to reviews, spare piece of rubber in an old shoe or a pencil eraser is ideal in protecting wood flooring designs in your home. Rubber can lift the skid marks off the floor that cannot be removed by any other cleaning agent. Just take that small piece of rubber or eraser and erase the skid mark as you would take off a mark from a pencil in a piece of paper. You will find that the skid mark has been lifted off and your floor looks good as new.

Baking Soda

Buying baking soda for sale is used for a number of things in the home, from baking to cooking to even washing and cleaning household items to cleaning teeth. Baking soda is also ideal for repairing scrapes on a damaged floor. By using some water and a sprinkle of baking soda and rubbing it into the damaged area, you will be looking at a wonderful way to repait your floors. The abrasive agent in baking soda removes any scuff marks and the bleaching quality of baking soda restores the color of the floor dramatically.


An alternative to baking soda, toothpaste is also a powerful cleaning and repairing agent for repair. Just apply a small amount of toothpaste in the damaged spot, polish off with a clean dry rag and you can see the floor looking as good as new.

There are ways to make sure that you have a wonderfully clean floor, and maintenance is always important. However, you can’t help but have a little damage here and there. Use these household tips and tricks in order to make a  repair and you will have flooring that will look pristine without costing you a lot of money to restore.

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