5 tips on why RV Remodeling is right for you

5 tips on why RV Remodeling is right for you


It’s now easier for camper owners to do their own affordable RV remodeling. As you know your RV has all the usual comforts of home packed in a compact space for leisure purposes or for living in full time.

tips on why RV Remodeling

5 Reasons

Recreational vehicles are designed for function and not form, so most motor home owners at one point or another would undertake some form of remodeling. There are several good reasons for doing it.

  • Doing this is the easiest and cheapest way to upgrade your vehicle. It also allows you to incorporate the fixtures you require and customize it to the style and feel that you’ve always dreamt without breaking the bank.
  • Adding beautiful and useful features increases the value of affordable RVs. This can lead to a higher price in the event that you want to sell your motor home. Plus, campers that are remodeled done can be sold faster because it’s easier to generate interest in buyers who don’t want the hassle of doing their own renovations.
  • Mobile homes that have been remodeled usually end up as having a better quality. When done correctly, it can become a great combination of style, quality materials and incomparable workmanship.
  • Want to know the difference between an affordable trailer home that only costs $175,000 and one that sells for $375,000 and above? It’s the interior. Smart owners would rather choose a motorhome and use their savings to carefully select the upgrades necessary to create a sumptuous but working mobile home. Plus, this project can be a fun and rewarding experience.
  • Some motorhomes cost more than a traditional house but lacks basic facilities like desks, dishwashers, garbage bins, Internet access, shelves and storage spaces because manufacturers don’t spare the time to install drawers, shelves or cabinets for your motorhome. Some remodeled, custom RV has more storage spaces than newer and more expensive models.

Improve your living space

It’s human nature to change our living area to make it homier and to reflect out personality. Living in a motor home is no exception. Luckily, there are some RV remodeling tips and hints that you can do to add some style and substance to it.


  • Most affordable RV furniture for sale is functional but bland. Think about investing in a beautiful and stylish sofa to replace the boring one that came with it. Try looking for one that can also be converted into a bed to save even more space.
  • Whether you live in an apartment or a recreational vehicle, you should feel good the minute you walk through the door. And color can give you that instant pick-me-up. Choose a color scheme  that would work well with your personality. Change the color of the wallpaper or carpet, but be careful not to overwhelm the limited space.
  • One of the easiest ways is to do away with the clutter that usually builds up. Take the time to seriously go over your stuff. Separate the items that you use regularly from those that you don’t. Donate those that you don’t need anymore or have a garage sale. Getting rid of clutter would give you more space to move around and you’ll feel better without the excess baggage.
  • During this stage, do what you can to increase the comfort. Replace the mattress that came with it and invest in a better one, especially if you’re living in your RV full time. Most mobilehome owners also change the RV table top into something more functional and comfortable.
  • Lighting is an essential part of comfortable RV living, so make sure it lets in lots of natural light and is well ventilated. There should also be adequate lighting in the kitchen and other work areas.

Don’t limit your project to the interiors. Utilize the space outside and incorporate fixtures that will increase your living space. Adding something as simple as an awning or a small patio can transform it dramatically, giving you a dining area or a space to have an outdoor barbeque.

If you want to have more space in your own camper, try this rv cabinet remodeling technique that can give you plenty of storage to use.

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