6 Steps to Choosing Hardwood Floor Underlayment


What is hardwood floor underlayment? This is typically installed underneath dark wood flooring or laminate floor. There are various types of underlayment for sale that you can buy in hardware and flooring stores today. Some are made from cork, wood, foam and other materials to create a base to secure your laminate flooring. This lso used to help reduce the noise your footfalls make as you move around the house. According to reviews, for most homeowners, finding a suitable one can be challenging especially when there are a lot to sort through. Fortunately, there are ways that can help narrow down your choices and that is by taking into consideration the factors that are mentioned below.


Factors to Consider when Looking for Hardwood Floor Underlayment

If you are planning on installing dark wood flooring in your home and you want to get the right one, here are some factors that can help you decide which product is suitable for your needs.

  • Installation – According to reviews, the first thing that you need to consider when looking for an underlayment is whether or not it is needed. For example, in laminate flooring that can be glued down, It is no longer necessary. As a matter of fact, buying vinyl sheets alone can help prevent moisture coming from the subfloors from seeping into the new flooring. On the other hand, if the type of dark wood flooring that you will be installing requires it to be nailed down, look for one that is made of red-rosin or roofing paper. Underlayment from foam or cork will do well with floating laminated floors.
  • Look at Your Subfloor – Before you buy, make sure that you take a look at what type of subfloor that you have. Subfloor wood will do well with cork type. For concrete subfloors, go for a plywood.
  • Problems with Moisture – If you plan on installing laminated flooring in areas that are prone to moisture, you might want to go for moisture barriers such as those that are lined with plastic with a combination of plywood or foam. This will help prevent moisture coming from the subfloors from penetrating through one to damage your new flooring.
  • Transmission of Sound – One of the dangers of buying one for sale is getting the wrong one. When this happens, you might experience hearing audible noise coming from your floorboards when you walk around which can be really annoying especially to those living on the floor below. The best way to reduce any sound is to install an underlayment made from cork. There are other types of underlayment that can help reduce any noise that you might make so make sure that you check them out.
  • Requirements for Insulation – If you want to have an additional insulation in your home go for it either foam or cork since either of the two are known to be quite efficient insulators. If you will still be pushing through with wood or vinyl, they won’t be quite useful in terms of insulation.
  • Thickness of Underlayment – The last factor that you need to take into account when shopping for it  is its thickness. If you want to increase the height of your new flooring to match the rest of your home’s flooring, it is better if you go with cork.

Importance of Hardwood Floor Underlayment for Dark Wood Flooring

When you buy dark wood flooring, you should also consider getting it to help support your new flooring. You might think that you won’t need such an accessory especially for your new floors but this is where you need to reconsider. Based on the factors mentioned above, adding one over your subfloors can help out a lot. Not only will it help you secure your new flooring but it can also be used to subdue any noise that you make when walking on your new wood floors. You don’t really need to worry about the challenges of buying an one as long as you adhere to the factors mentioned above.

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