7 Design Ideas with Dark Hardwood Floors


Dark hardwood floors are known for their regal and sophisticated look. When installed in the house, it gives the interior of the home a more classy feel that cannot be found in any other kinds of flooring. However, installing this type of flooring is one thing, the other is finding furniture and other interior decorations that can match the beauty of your new floors. According to reviews, one of the secrets to bringing out the best is to choose accessories for sale that will blend well with it while at the same time giving your interiors a more inviting atmosphere. Do you want to know how? Read on to find out more.


7 Steps to Beautifying Your Dark Hardwood Floors

There are many ways for you to dress it up. Most of these techniques are applied by interior designers who are working with dark wood. One of the reasons why these design ideas are recommended is that they work with all kinds of dark wood flooring design. That is why if you have this kind of flooring in your home, you can make the most out of it by using any of the steps mentioned here.

  • Wall Paint- To make your  pop up, the walls should be painted with hints of gold. Buying a paint with warm color of gold can help bring out the color of it even better while making your room look more inviting. You can add moldings and baseboards to your walls to give them a more detailed design. If you are after contrast, choose baseboards that come in light color such as cream baseboards. The contrast shows elegance and sophistication that you can work with the rest of your interior design.
  • Be Different – For your furniture, make sure that you get a different colored fabric to avoid monotony. It is better if you choose for sale furniture that has a light colored fabric so it can contrast with the flooring.
  • Matching Furniture – When choosing other furniture for your home like tables and even frames to hang on your walls, consider the same color as yours.
  • Rugs – Regardless of your dark wood flooring design, rugs can help put together all the furniture together. You can place area rugs in the middle of the room where your chairs and tables are placed for added design.
  • Artworks – If ever you plan on decorating your walls with artworks choose those that have class and style. You can go for colorful artworks if you want them to draw the eyes. For a more subdued feel to your walls, choose paintings that have somber colors.
  • Uniform Atmosphere – Since they exude elegance, you should look for home accessories that will match this. Look for lamps with intricate designs, stylish flower arrangements and even sculptures with details.
  • Pull Them All Together – When adding the final touches to the room with dark ones think of consistency. Window treatments can either be colored the same as your flooring or your walls. For throw pillows, choose those that come in darker shades to match  your dark flooring.

Various Wood Flooring Design for Dark Hardwood Floors

They do come with various wood flooring design. Mixing and matching them with the rest of your household furniture can help give your space a more uniformed look and feel. According to reviews, then looking for wood flooring design that is appropriate for your home consider the theme that you want to see in your space. If you want something that is elegant and doesn’t have much going on go for simple designs. However, transforming your space into an eye-catching room for your visitors, look for floors with intricate designs.

Fortunately, you won’t be having any difficulties in finding the perfect wood flooring for your home especially when there are more than a dozen flooring manufacturers developing stylish wood flooring today. It is just a matter of taking a closer look at their products to find something that is worth your taste. If ever you find yourself having difficulty making a decision on which dark floors to purchase, always consult a specialist to help you decide which flooring will go well in your home.

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