7 great wood floor maintenance and care tips

7 great wood floor maintenance and care tips

If you have invested on laminate or hardwood for your home, you should make it a point to know how to do some wood floor maintenance on your own. When you buy hardwood you know that it won’t be cheap and even if you stick with laminated floors, you will still need to cough up some money in the process. The best thing to protect your investment is to keep it clean and free from dirt and debris all the time.

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Although it will take years for the first signs of scratches to appear on the surface, there are instances where accidental scrapes, dents and bumps start to occur. When this happens, doing repairs on laminate or hardwood is a must to avoid making the problem worse. Fortunately, there are ways for you to make them look exceptionally beautiful regardless of the constant foot traffic in your home.


A lot of homeowners agree that wood is quite beautiful to behold. When you buy hardwood you are investing on a flooring that is made to last a long time. However, one drawback to have real hardwood installed is that they don’t usually hold up very long when it comes to the constant wear and tear of daily foot traffic not to mention your pet’s too. Hardwood may cost a lot of money that is why there are some homeowners who settle with something cheaper.

The good news is that when it comes to caring for wood floors it doesn’t matter whether you have real hardwood or even laminate installed. These tips can be used anytime. So, what are these maintenance tips? Well, read on to find out more.

  • Buy Floor Protectors – The next step would be to move back the furniture you have removed from the room. Before you return them to their proper places, make sure that you have attached protectors on their legs’ underside to avoid scratching the surface. These protectors come in a wide range of sizes as well as shapes that can fit all kinds of furniture. If you have a furniture piece that you like to move around, make sure that you install these foot protectors to avoid ruining them.

  • Use Carpet and Rug Runners – To reduce the effects of heavy foot traffic, placing carpet and rug runners in strategic locations in the room should be considered. Since there are many options for you to choose from, select one that can complement your choice perfectly. You can choose a light rug runner that come in dark colors and the opposite for light colored wood.

  • Doormat and Shoe Rack – Another example is that you should definitely consider is placing quality doormats in entryways. You can also install a shoe rack near the door where your family or guests can place their shoes upon entering. For guests, make it a point to provide them slippers if you will be requesting them to remove their shoes while inside your home. This step can help prevent dirt, debris and even grit from entering the house which can affect the quality.

  • Sweep or Vacuum – When you buy hardwood, the best way to maintain it is to use a broom or vacuum to get rid of most of the dirt that has accumulated over the week. Choose a vacuum with a soft brush to clean them. If you want to use a broom make sure that the bristles are soft so there won’t be any damage to the surface when used.

  • Follow the Manufacturer – There are some manufacturers that include the cleaning instructions on their products’ package. This way, you will be able to maintain the natural beauty without damaging them.

  • Sponge or Damp Towel – If there are any spills such as water or beverage, make sure that you clean them immediately. Keep in mind that water and moisture can damage the surface when left alone. Any spots that appear to be sticky can be sponged carefully. Again it is important that you dry the surface as soon as possible to avoid moisture and water retention.

  • Apply Coating – Coating is also a helpful step that you should take advantage of especially when the natural shine starts to diminish. Choose a coating product that will work well with your hardwood or laminate.

Regarding Hardwood Flooring

Regardless of whether you want to buy hardwood flooring or stick with the laminated ones, you still need to learn how to properly care for them in your own way. With the help of the wood floor maintenance tips mentioned above, you have the power to keep your floors looking great without having to waste money for repairs or hiring someone else to do the work.

5 Steps to Cleaning Laminate Wood Flooring

Cleaning it is still required for laminate floors to preserve their beauty for several years. Although laminated flooring is known for its tough quality and durability, it still needs care from time to time. For homeowners who are looking for a cheaper alternative for their home, flooring made from laminate is always on top of their list. And why not? After all, this type is designed to provide its users with comfort, convenience and above all, beauty at an affordable price. Why bother looking for hardwood floor when your budget can’t afford it? Sticking with this type of floor can help you save money in the long run and by cleaning the floors  from time to time your floors will look absolutely amazing for several years.

So, you have decided to get floors made from laminate for your home. Good for you. The next thing you ought to know is how to keep your floors like brand new all the time. Fortunately, laminates are known for their easy maintenance so this won’t be a problem for you. However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when caring for your new flooring and among these is how to do the cleaning the right way. Here are some that you should always keep in mind when it comes to maintaining your new flooring.

• Sweep the Floor – Always start with sweeping the floor to remove any dirt or dust on its surface. You should use a soft bristled broom for this because it prevents scratches from appearing on your floors.

• Use a Swiffer Sweeper – After sweeping your floors with a broom, the next step is to get your swiffer sweeper and repeat the first step. This tool can catch any dust or dirt particles that got left behind during your initial sweeping.

• Spray Laminate Cleaner – Once you have removed all the dirt and debris on the surface of your floors, the next step is to apply laminate cleaner. This can be in the form of a spray bottle which you need to spray and wipe with a soft cloth. Laminate cleaners are often sold in hardware and home depots. Don’t forget to double check the product that you will be buying to ensure that it is suitable for it.

• Dry Your Floors – Spraying laminate cleaners on your floor can cause moisture to build up. Since laminate floors are not that hardy when exposed to water and moisture, you should make it a point to wipe away any cleaning residue from your floors using a soft cloth.

• Look for Other Cleaning Products – Cleaning the floors is an easy job as long as you have the right tools on hand. And what better way for you to know what products are appropriate for it than doing a bit of research? There are many cleaning agents that can be used to restore the beauty of your laminate floors. It is just a matter of finding the right one for the type  that you have at home.

How to Maintain Floating Hardwood Floor

Floating hardwood floor is one type of laminate floor that might pique your interest when you shop around for new floors. This type  resembles that of real hardwood with the exception that it is not made from real hardwood but instead of synthetic materials. One of the advantages of floating hardwood floor is that it is cheaper compared to the real thing. Also, you won’t have a hard time keeping it clean and beautiful because the same steps mentioned above in cleaning them can be applied as well.

Cleaning it particularly floating hardwood floor can be done by anyone. You don’t really need to hire someone else to maintain it for you. This is the perfect choice for busy households and at the price this type  being sold today it is not a surprise why many opt for new flooring made from laminate today. If ever you decide to get one for your home, make sure that you know how to apply it.

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