7 Steps to Hiring the Best Flooring Services Company

There are a number of factors that can affect the total cost of refinishing or repairing hardwood floors, but a good company can make your hardwood floors look great at a good price. Some homeowners might want to do this project by themselves, but recoating hardwood floors is complicated and needs the skill that can be provided by companies offering services. So it’s a good idea to hire the services of professionals. When figuring out the cost of refinishing hardwood floors consider the price of for sale sanding wood, repairing, coating and finishing it. Having some information about each procedure can help you in choosing the company with the best flooring services and which ones to buy.


7 Steps to Choosing the Best Flooring Services Company

Hardwood floors are a feature that can increase the market value of any home. Whether you want to buy and install new hardwood floors or just refinish them, this job should be left to companies specializing in different services. But choosing the right one for the job can be as daunting as doing the job yourself. To ensure that you will make the right choice, do your research and consider the following steps before you buy and choose.

  • Step 1: Ask for recommendations from family, friends, neighbors or colleagues who have had hardwood floors installed or refinished. If they are happy with the professionalism and the services of the company, then you can think of them as strong candidates for your project. It’s better to choose a tried and tested company over one that you have just chosen randomly.

  • Step 2: After asking for recommendations and looking online for other floor finishing contractors, make a list of about 5-6 companies that caught your interest and talk to them. Get relevant information from them like their availability for your project, any references from previous clients or pictures of their finished project, how many years they’ve been in business, how many employees they have, how many people will be working on the site or if they work with subcontractors. Getting as much information as you can will help you when make your final decision on which one you’ll hire.

  • Step 3: Check the license of the contractor or the company. You can then check the licenses with your state’s Consumer Affairs Department for any complaints against those companies.

  • Step 4: By this time, you have probably narrowed down your list to 2-3 best flooring companies. You can then request for a meeting or an ocular inspection at your home. Get a written estimate of a wood floor refinishing cost and project duration during the meeting. If the company can’t give you a written estimate, then it’s best not to do business with this company.

  • Step 5: Ask for the company’s references and if you can visit project sites that they’re working on. If the company declines, then don’t proceed further with that company. But for those that do agree, visit the job sites to get an idea of how professional their employees are and the quality of their work.

  • Step 6: Review all the cost estimates you received from different contractors and compare the total cost of the project as well as the price for labor and materials. The proposal should be itemized and with a breakdown of how much each job would cost. You should also check whether the price includes moving and returning the existing furniture. Go over the payment terms and see if you find them acceptable. Don’t sign any contract that asks for a down payment of more than 40% or if the contract doesn’t include a warranty. And be wary of contractors that only accept cash payments. It might be an indication that the company has some legal problems.

  • Step 7: Make sure you’re at home while the project is on going so you can check if the work they’re doing is up to your expectations.

Find the Right Flooring Services to Get the Best Flooring for Your Home

These days, a lot of information about refinishing hardwood floors can be found online. This information can guide homeowners through this project. Doing improvements in your home is a challenging job. But it is something that must be done if you want to keep your home at a high value. As such, it’s crucial that you choose the company to refinish your hardwood floors.

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