7 tips on improving the Mobile Home Interiors

7 tips on improving the Mobile Home Interiors

Any happy owner of a mobilehome knows that, like any home, there will be a need to remodel the mobile home interiors every few years or so. Aside from improving the look, upgrading or renovating the inside area contributes to extending its use. And the good news is, a project like this doesn’t need to break the bank. There are several affordable mobile home remodeling ideas that can be done to make any motorhome more comfortable and appealing.

Mobile Home Interiors


Simple Suggestions

  • Older models are notorious for using faux wood panels and this makes the inside look dated. Luckily, there are several procedures that can be done to change the look of fake wood panels, like painting over it or using wallpaper. However, if you like the look of wood panels, you can treat the wood to bring out its natural color and grain detail or sand it to lighten the wood’s color. A bigger, but still doable, project is to take out the wood panels and replace it with a drywall. Whatever you decide on, changing how a wood paneling looks can totally change the look.
  • One problem that most motorhomes experience is water stains that accumulate due to the flat mobile home roof. While repairing the roof and ceiling is a necessity, getting rid of water stains will dramatically improve your motorhome and make it a safer area to live in. A ceiling fan can improve air circulation and invite fresh air in. But make sure that the ceiling can handle the extra load.
  • An easy and often overlooked way of updating it is by changing fixtures like door knobs and faucets to give them a more modern look. But bear in mind that fixtures used for normal residences are different from ones used in mobile homes, so make sure that you buy the right fixtures.
  • A great thing is its lack of beams and load-bearing walls. This makes it easier to remove walls to create additional space. Taking down walls will give your motorhome a fluid open-plan space.
  • Choose a new color scheme to change the interior. A fresh coat of paint and a well chosen color palette can make any mobile home interiors look like a great place to live in.
  • Take advantage of new and more modern appliances to make it more comfortable to live in.
  • Mobile home exteriors can be extended by adding a screened-in porch. It gives you a place to enjoy outdoor gatherings or have a different eating area.

Hire a Professional?

While remodeling mobile home interiors yourself might be an exciting project, hiring professionals might be the best option. There are some crucial structural differences that a professional knows and that a layman lacks. And this lack of knowhow might cause mobile home remodeling costs to become expensive and dangerous to the people living in one of them.

For instance, upgrading the plumbing or electrical systems should be done by people with the right education, skill set and license. Electrical wires that are wrongly routed can cause fires and pipes that are improperly placed can cause water waste. A professional  would know what’s required to do the job legally and safely. Permits might not be necessary for simple wallpapering or painting jobs, but more complicated renovations  require it to ensure everyone’s safety. A professional will know what remodeling projects require permits and how to go about getting one.

If you have decided to leave the renovation to the professionals, do some research and check for information about the person or company you want to hire. Find out whether the contractor has had any complained levied against him or her, whether the company is insured, its limits and the number of workers employed by the company. A reputable contractor can easily provide clients with licenses, permits and insurance papers.

A well thought of remodeling will go a long way in transforming any home, as long as you leave it to the capable hands of professionals. 


Where to find accessories for RV Decorating

At one point, owners would want to do their own RV decorating or customizing. Some owners would probably hire people to customise it while the majority would decorate the RV themselves. Knowing where to find the right materials or supplies for refurbishing your RV will go a long way to getting you started, especially if you want to build your own. There’s a lot of information decoration and such in magazines and online.

Unfortunately, it’s all over the place and you have to do your research and gather as much information as you can from various sources. Your best bet though, is to find people with experience in RV decoration and learn from them. 

Finding the right decorating supplies is the same as finding complete instructions on how to do something like this, it’s hard. There’s no one place where you can get everything you need. You have to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to finding what you need. But there are some steps that you can take.


  • If you have an older model , search online for replacement parts. There are a number of parts suppliers and they might just have what you need.
  • Looking for parts for vintage RVs, on the other hand, is more challenging. Try looking for what you need on sites like Craigslist or eBay. Put a free listing on the section of recreational vehicles and describe the parts that you need for it. There’s a big chance that you’ll get replies to your ad from owners of different types who are looking for the means to dispose of them. It’s also cheaper to buy from private sellers than purchasing from an store.
  • Look for companies specializing in RV decorating materials like appliances, bathroom fixtures, cabinets, floor and wall materials. These specialty companies offer products like plumbing, fixtures, appliances and other RV accessories.
  • Don’t forget to check out home building supplier in your neighborhood or companies like Home Depot and Lowe’s for cabinet fittings, plywood, wall papers, wood panels and wood trims.


Easy Tips and Hints

There are small things you can do while you’re still searching for the materials you need for your  project.

  • Change all the cushions in your recreational vehicle, like the beds, dining seats and sofa. Try using awning fabric since it’s easy to clean, durable and there’s a wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from. You can ask the awning store if they can make the cushion’s covers or if they can add more foam to make the cushions softer.
  • Choose a solid color or a classic design for your cushions. Colors like blues or browns can blend in with most designs. Once you’ve selected a color or pattern, ask for a fabric swatch and bring it to your fabric store so you can pick out curtains or pillows that will match.
  • Update or change the fixtures. Most supplies company sell small items like soap dispensers, night lamps or rugs that can fit your new design theme.
  • Make or buy RV custom cabinets on sale to make a new and clean look.  By buying Contact paper it is simple to apply because it usually has a peel and stick back. Use regular paper and trace the dimensions of the inside of the cabinet so you can easily cut the contact paper to fit.

When thinking of building materials to use when decorating, choose materials that are light and flexible. Make sure that those materials don’t emit toxic substances or odor since your unit has a small, confined space. Once you have decided on what type of material to use, start researching for products that are best for you.

Remodeling your RV can breathe new life in your living space and make it look brand new, but this can sometimes be complicated and time consuming. Start with a small but easy an easy project and look for materials in your local home supplier.

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