Buying a Lawn Boy Mower

Lawn mowers can be a challenge to buy, and it is equally tough to repair. Any hardware store will have several types of outdoor power equipment, such as walk-behind lawnmowers and riding lawnmowers. There are as many brands of lawnmowers as any other tool or appliance. Each brand has strengths and is best used for certain lawn maintenance tasks. One particular brand, Lawn Boy Mowers, was built on a foundation of quality and reliability. It may even be the best option for you.


Lawn Boy Mowers Background

The Lawn Boy Mower business has been in action for over seventy years. Ole Evinrude, the founder of Evinrude Outboard Motor Company, chose to branch out in his outdoor power equipment business from producing parts for boats and began his work in the lawnmower industry. His legacy of combined quality and reliability has led to well-made small gas engines, which were used in the business. Evinrude based the engine used in this type of equipment on his outboard boat engines and established a strong and dependable brand. From that first model, Evinrude created well-built lawnmowers that work effectively and efficiently. This is exactly the reason why it can guarantee that you will be very unlikely for you to ever do a repair if you buy one.

While the  Company has been managed by several owners, the quality of the products has remained consistent and excellent. From Ole Evinrude to the current brand owner, Toro, the owners of the Company have maintained the same focus on quality. Like many companies, Lawn Boy Mower has outsourced certain parts of the lawnmower. After a great deal of quality checking and testing, they have started using small gas engines created by Honda, Tecumseh, or Briggs & Stratton.

This does not affect the overall quality, as the Company have remained very particular about the models they use with each lawnmower. Evinrude’s focus on quality has been passed on from owner to owner, which influences each decision made about the products and selling practices. The way mowers are handled can affect their performance and lifetime. So, if you do not want to do any  repair and do not want to be bothered by any exchange or refund, you have to be wise with your choice and pick a company with a great history.

Never Do Lawn Mower Repair: Buy A Lawn Boy Mower

Certain aspects of the Company have remained the same over time. Mowers with zero-turn technology, which allow for smaller turns and are more efficient, have been in use for several years. The Company has remained focused on creating reliable push mowers, many with zero-turn technology. However, they have not manufactured riding lawnmower engines. The Company’s focus on one type of mower has led to better quality push ones.

Lawn Boy Mowers are readily available at many retailers, such as Home Depot. However, a better deal may be found at an Internet retailer like Amazon. The savings from purchasing online often make up for shipping costs. This type of mower will typically cost between $250 and $350, with prices based on the lawnmower’s size and the size and output of the lawnmower engine. Shopping around, comparing models and prices, and seeing each one in the lawn mower shop will help you make the best purchase for your needs. Even if you choose to buy from an Internet retailer, it is best to know what you will get before spending any money.

If you choose to buy one online, remember that Internet retailers do not offer the same service as a physical retailer. An Internet retailer may not have the same knowledge as a store employee, who could make recommendations based on your needs or parts for the equipment. In addition, it is best to make sure that a local retailer or repair shop has the tools and lawnmower parts needed for repairs or replacements before making a purchase. Lawn Boy’s use of well-known lawn mower engines may make this easier, but it is always best to check before you buy. Not all retailers carry this brand, and may not have specific parts for the equipment or know the mower’s setup. Even with savings from purchasing online, those savings will not last long if a local retailer or repair shop does not have the parts you need and you must take your Lawn Boy Mower to a specialized shop. You do not want to get carried away and buy one that you can’t perform any repair on, much less use.

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