Basic Lawn Mower Repair Can Save Money

Basic Lawn Mower Repair Can Save Money

Many people have a house with a lawn either in the front garden or at the back. As these patches of grass need frequent tending, especially in the spring when the grass grows quickly, most of these people own a small lawn mower which may be electric or a push one. Only those with great strength and a small lawn can do the job manually with shears, but many people can handle a push one.


For most people the lawn mower remains just a green box with mysterious machinery that makes the blades go round. In general nobody has much idea about the functioning of lawnmower engines. When confronted with a problem most people would not know what spare parts would be needed or where to find them. If the owner of this equipment can acquire some knowledge, however basic, of repairing it can be possible to undertake repairs from time to time. There will not be so much need to take the machine down to the shop while repairing task is undertaken. Owners would do well to learn how to repair its engines.

Although most people realize that its blades need to be cleaned regularly and kept under cover, with a little more knowledge of  repairing it, they would also be capable of performing basic mower maintenance and repairs. Armed with this knowledge, owners can detect difficulties before they turn into bigger problems. This will help the mower to function better as well as prolong its useful life. Anyone who takes the time to do a little study and practice can perform basic maintenance on it during those winter evenings when it is not in use.

Lawn Mower Repair: Checking the Lawn Mower Engine

One very fundamental as well as annoying problem that comes up frequently is that it will not work when it is needed. It does not start up but remains silent or at most emits a wheezing sound. Instead of immediately sending the machine for equipment repair, the intelligent mower owner can perform some simple checks on lawnmower engines. For example in the case of small gasoline engines the owner can take a look to check that there is sufficient gas left in it. In the case of some types of mower there may be a primer button that permits the flow of gas into the mower’s engine. Alternatively the problem could be that the equipment has been lying idle for too long and it will be necessary to replace the gas.

Corrosion of the spark plugs is another reason why the mower will not work. As owners may have had similar problems with their automobile this problem is easy to understand and check. As with an automobile, the first task is to try cleaning the spark plugs rather than immediately replacing them. The cleaning job can be performed quickly with a wire brush and a piece of cloth. This task performed on small lawn mowers can make the small gasoline engines spring into life.

After looking at the spark plugs and checking the gas in the engine the owner may sometimes find that the mower still refuses to start. Further investigation and repair is necessary. The next item to check would normally be the filters on the mower. Mowers generally have both an air and oil filter. A mower may not start if these are blocked and a cleaning job is necessary to ensure that they can do their job properly.

Using Knowledge of Lawn Mower Repair

If the owner is equipped with the relevant knowledge of troubleshooting, the whole equipment does not need to be taken apart to carry out simple repairs. Too many people attempt repairs that are beyond their ability when all that was needed was basic maintenance. Instead of being too ambitious and finishing with a humiliating failure, the owner should carry out the above checks on basic parts such as spark plugs or filters.

As these parts are relatively cheap to buy and are not difficult to install they can be checked and replaced easily. It would therefore be cost effective to check them before hauling the equipment off to the repair shop. After all the checks have been completed if the equipment still refuses to start or performs inefficiently it will be time to call in the help of the shop. This will happen infrequently because the knowledgeable owner can perform many repair jobs without outside help.

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