Black Kitchen Islands Trends, Styles, Designs and More

For sale kitchen islands are popular for its practical benefits – maximizing the whole space by providing additional storage, working and dining area. In fact it’s so useful that nowadays it is common among most homes to have one installed. However, buying a black kitchen island is one that can make it unique and dramatic.


People started using islands in the 1970s, when they saw that cooking shows and food networks usually feature the host using these. From being a simple prepping area where you can chop and dice your ingredients, these space savers have evolved and special features have since been added. Lots of choices are now for sale and that can easily be bought- from the material to island model and the appliances you can install in it. You can also choose to buy it from a home improvement store, from a reputable internet seller, or you can even hire a professional to build it for you. Some people would even prefer to build it themselves.

Black Kitchen Islands Styles and Designs

However these space savers need not be used purely for its utilitarian purposes. As the activity center, the island also became the focal point of design in the room. According to reviews, this is why so many design options are now available so you can mix and match it with the rest of your area. The easiest aspect you can play around with is the color. Bright ones seem to be a popular choice as it instantly livens up the kitchen, but nothing will say classy. Black furniture always conveys chic and sophisticated. Interior designers often use this color when they want to add a touch of drama to the room. In fact, one of the concepts of fashion is that “black is beautiful”, and it applies to furniture design as well.

Another good thing about black is that it matches with anything. Whichever material that use for the rest of your furniture (whether it be wood, stainless steel or granite), black will look great with it. It will also work with whatever interior style you are planning for it. Even if you are going for a contemporary style, a minimalist design, traditional, retro or rustic look, it can complement the entire theme and still be a showstopper.

For the portable models, it will be your best bet as you need maximum flexibility when it comes to its design. You will need to transfer these rolling islands (or carts, as it is sometimes called) to the living room when you need additional serving space. Because of this, the island should still look like its tied together with the rest of the interior.

These portable models serve different purposes: it can be your buffet table, additional dining space, or cocktail table. Others would opt to use a tablecloth to cover the island, but a black one will look sophisticated enough to be used on its own. This will also be perfect for when you use it to set-up your mini bar.

On a more practical note, black will never appear dirty or look dusty. It will always look neat and clean and will take less maintenance compared to other designs.

Black Kitchen Islands Trends

Should you finally choose to own one, your next consideration now is the color of your cabinets. Some would make it an all-black ensemble, but others would prefer to have a two-tone furniture. The counter tops may be black, but the cabinets can be any color that they want to use or vice versa. Another idea would be an all-black island, with an accent color on the piping of the shelves. The options are endless – black will always look good with it.

They also work with most materials and textures. It also instantly makes the overall look edgy and fashionable, so you can pair it with cheaper material alternatives.

All in all islands have changed the cooking and baking experience of the people. According to reviews, it has made their work easier and more efficient. However these space savers have ceased to be a simple furniture and is now considered to be the focal point of a modern kitchen. Its color and design are now important considerations when planning for it. Thisis the perfect choice as it marries the practical and aesthetic benefits of this nifty space saver into one.

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