Butcher Block Kitchen Island Styles, Types and Designs

The kitchen will surely benefit from the presence of them because it transforms any space into a more stylish and functional place to use. They are not that hard to find since there are many home improvement stores and specialty stores that sell them nowadays. However, most people prefer to go with the butcher block island that has a counter top instead of other designs because they can convert it into a cooking or serving station when needed. Usually, the butcher block table is made from wood for durability so it won’t break, crack or splinter when used on a regular basis.

Butcher Block Kitchen Island Styles 

It comes in different sizes, styles, finishes as well as thickness. You can get one that has a natural oil finish making it safer for you to prepare your ingredients on it. You can get one that is finished with semi-gloss for a more striking look. One of the things you will love about this type is that it isn’t hard to maintain. So if you are always on the go and with little time to spare to keep it in order or in good condition go it that has a butcher block design.

When shopping for one you will find that there are quite a lot of options to consider. You should take into account the size, style and design of the butcher block island including its pattern so you will know how to lay out your utensils. If you want to have an organized space, you should look for an island that has towel rods, knife racks and even outlet strips for a more convenient experience. Don’t forget to choose one that is made from quality materials so you won’t have to replace it any time soon.

This furniture can also increase the beauty of the kitchen space. If you want to make the entire design of your kitchen to blend with one another you should take the time to weigh their advantages and disadvantages. Take into account the existing theme so everything will match with one another for a uniform look. You should also consider whether you will go for the portable version of this kind of it or one that is already built in.

Butcher Block Kitchen Island Types

If you can’t decide yet between a portable and a permanent one, you should know what their differences are. Just to give you an idea here are their benefits.

  • Carts on Wheels – Portability is one of the features that this furniture has to offer. A lot of homeowners love the way carts on wheels make it easier for them to prepare their ingredients and move them closer to their cooking station. The wheels attached to the bottom allow you to move the unit anywhere you like even if it is outdoors.
  • Built-in Island – Although lacking in portability, this example one has the option for you to incorporate a cooking or cleaning station too. Since it is built-in, you won’t be able to move it around but you can design it so all of your needs will be addressed. Integrating sinks and even an extra cooking station can make it easier for you to maintain the cleanliness of your space while at the same time prepare some of the best meals for a family or for a large number of people.


By weighing these two options you will be able to come up with a smart choice with regards to the type of them to purchase for it. It would be better if you take into account the amount of space that you have so you won’t have a hard time choosing the right size for it.

Add more value and beauty to your space by integrating one of the best furniture pieces today. Go and look for a good one that will fit right into your kitchen perfectly.


Benefits of Butcher Block Islands and Their Varieties

Butcher block islands are making a splash in the market today as more and more homeowners see their worth in the kitchen. When looking for islands you will find that there are quite a lot of designs and styles available. Some even include a butcher block in their design while others have wheels at the base or a combination of both.

Although it can be overwhelming at times when deciding which one to get you can easily narrow down your choices that you think will work best for you by factoring in the function it will have. Taking the time to look closely at your options can help you make a smart decision.

How to Choose the Right One

Deciding on which one you will get be tough if you don’t know how to narrow down your selection pool. Here are some helpful tips that you can use to acquire the right type of Kitchen Island.

  • Portability – Like it was mentioned before, there are plenty of choices and one way to narrow down your choices is to determine whether you will need a permanent or movable one. The portable version of islands is quite versatile since it allows you to bring that extra work station anywhere you go. You can use this furniture as a serving station or just another place to prepare your meals. If ever you will go for the fixed design you can still get the same functions except that you can’t move it.
  • Function – Another factor that you need to take into account when looking at some choices is how you will be using it. You will find that it has different types of counter available and by determining how you will be using it can help you select the right material. For example, if you will be using its surface as a work area where you will be chopping and mincing ingredients go for wood. On the other hand, if you will be placing hot pots and pans you need to look for materials that can withstand the heat. It is still recommended that you get more cutting boards in case you will need more chopping surfaces to work with.
  • Extensions – There are som islands that have drop leaf extensions which you can simply flip into position for that extra counter. This is quite convenient especially when you have a busy kitchen to tend to. Aside from this, you can find kitchen islands that are equipped with built-in cabinets which are quite handy especially if you are looking for additional storage. You can buy butcher block islands with drawers and shelves too. You just need to take your time in searching for the best butcher Block  Island to buy.


Remodeling the kitchen is a good way to increase its overall value while at the same time giving your space a more interesting look. If this is your plan for the coming months, you might want to start looking for plans to get an idea on how it will look like during and after the renovation. It is always recommended that you have a plan to guide you when remodeling the kitchen so you will know what items you will need, what changes to make and how much money you need to put aside.

If you don’t have the budget for a major makeover you can look for plans where island furniture are included. These plans can give you alternatives in case you will be redesigning your kitchen slowly. Since it has many variations, it is critical that you know what look you want it to have so you can match it with the right island design. They are not just for storing, preparing and cooking meals but it can also add to the overall appeal of it.

What’s more, they are designed to provide you with all the convenience you are looking for so you will have a much better cooking experience at all times.

Beautiful and Practical Addition to the Kitchen

The butcher block table is a growing trend in many kitchens especially in the homes of gourmet cooks and even kitchen designers too. This furniture was first designed to serve the needs of those in the butchery industry. However, things have changed and this table is now serving the needs of ordinary households where it is often used as a counter where they can prepare different ingredients like carving meat, dicing vegetables and other ingredients without having to look for chopping boards.

If this is the first time that you think of using one of them, you should learn more about it so you will know how to use it to its fullest. This article will give you the information you need so read on.


What You Need to Know About them

There are many interesting things to learn about it. Here are some that you should know about it.

  • Durability – It is made from durable materials specifically different kinds of wood like teak, walnut, beech, ash and red oak among others. If you are looking for something that is friendly to the environment you should look for manufacturers that have FSC or Forest Stewardship Certificate to ensure that they replace any trees that had been harvested. The pieces of wood are glued to make them into one whole block that can withstand the pressures of kitchen life. You can use the surface of the table in many ways without noticing any marks left behind. The best part is that this type of furniture won’t even damage your knives or even dull them after being used.
  • Extra Work Space – If you have been complaining about the lack of space to work on in the kitchen you should look at the table as another surface to use. You can even use it as an extra storage too where you can organize your cooking utensils so you can get easy access to them when needed. There are some that sport shelves, drawers and cabinets underneath that you can utilize.
  • Portable – It can sport wheels underneath so you will be able to move it around as needed. There are times when you want to be able to cut, chop and slice ingredients while stirring your soup. Instead of moving from one section to the counter and back to the cooking area, go buy a portable butcher block table for sale so you can do all the preparation near your cooking station.
  • Easy to Maintain – What makes them special for many homeowners is the fact that it is easy to keep in good condition. One thing you need to consider is to prevent the growth of molds and bacteria on the surface of it so you should wash its surface with a vinegar solution or even bleach to get rid of any bacteria that might have been growing among the tiny cracks.

A Mobile Kitchen Island You Should Have

Kitchen upgrading is a must for every home. If you are looking for a new piece of furniture that will give your space added style and function then investing in one is a must. Where else can you find furniture that can be used in many ways like for preparing meals, for cooking and even for storing your utensils and other important culinary items? Investing on this particular furniture is definitely a choice you should seriously consider.

Just like it was mentioned before, it can be portable. Having a mobile island on hand is a convenience you don’t want to miss out on especially when you are the type of person who simply enjoys cooking.  An island you can move around like this can be moved around it when needed and can be wheeled outside too if you plan on serving meals outdoor. Even if you have a small kitchen adding something movable is something that will help you get your cooking done faster. And if ever you are in the lookout for a good kitchen island that will last you a long time, go for this.

 Butcher Block Styles, Types, Designs & More

The butcher block is no longer exclusive to those who are selling meat products but they can be found in regular homes these days. You might be surprised on how far they have come nowadays. This accessory is not just for cutting meat but can also be used as a stylish serving dish, decor  table and even storage space among others. There are many designs and styles for it available today so you can have an idea on how this product can be a useful addition to your space.


Clearly the primary use of itis for chopping ingredients. One reason why this is such a useful tool is because it is far more durable than its counterparts. Regardless of whatever ingredient you are chopping the surface of it won’t get damaged easily. This is thanks to the materials used in creating one which are mostly unfinished teak, maple and walnut among others. These types of wood allow you to freely chop on the surface without worrying about splitting the wood or damaging the surface.

There are many reasons why it is such a big hit in many kitchens these days. For starters, instead of having to waste time searching for your wooden board you can already start chopping on the block because it is already ready to be used. Aside from this, you will have an extra counter to work on when preparing your meals which is really what other homeowners are looking for. Instead of spending time clearing your  counter so you can have more space to prepare the ingredients you can already make use of the chopping block’s surface.

If food is already sticking to the surface of it then it is about time that you fix this problem. The best way to do this is to pour half a cup of vegetable oil onto its surface and allow it to air dry for about thirty to forty-five minutes at least. Afterwards, you can start using it without seeing any food sticking to its surface. This technique helps in making your chopping experience more comfortable and convenient as well.

Another important aspect to having it is maintaining it. Since you are chopping raw ingredients on its surface chances are there will be bacteria and other germs building up on its surface. This is not good since they can transfer to other ingredients that you will be chopping. You might find the size of them is a deterrent especially when you can’t put it in the dishwasher. This means only one thing and that is you will be using your hands to clean it thoroughly. Fortunately, maintaining the beauty of your chopping block isn’t hard since all that you have to do is to mix 9 parts of water with 1 part bleach and lightly spray it onto the  surface. Wipe it down thoroughly afterwards.

And another thing, it can be damaged when exposed to water for long periods of time. If the water coming from the ingredients that you are chopping gets into the surface of your wood, it will penetrate it too and can cause deterioration. The best way to prevent this is to wipe down its surface so minimal water will be absorbed.

A Tool for Any L Shaped Kitchen Designs with Island

The beauty of the butcher block is that it can be placed in almost all kinds of design. Nowadays, many homeowners make use of L shaped kitchen designs with island since they want to have more counters to work on. You can add the chopping block here as well if you want to without making it an eye sore. L shaped kitchen designs with island offer a more stylish kitchen look with easy access to counters and storage. Any homeowner would love to have this style because of how easy it is to navigate from the work station to the cooking area. Add to any L shaped kitchen designs with island the butcher block and you will have the best space to work on.


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