Ceiling Renovation for Ceilings Damaged by Water

Sometimes ceiling renovation is called far especially when water gets to your drywall ceiling. When water leaks into the system, expect to see signs of stains, peeling and even sagging due to the weight of the water pooling on one section of your ceiling. If you do not address this problem immediately, expect to do repairs for a bigger damage. According to reviews, finding the right one is just what you need to alleviate this problem. You can consider hiring a contractor to deal with the damage or you can do the repairs on your own.


Ceiling Renovation – What Causes Problems

Homeowners who prefer to do things on their own are sure to do any on their own. If this is the case, you should start off by searching where the water has been coming from and fix it. There are dozens of causes of leaks that you need to know since they can happen to your own home. Here are some that you need to learn before you do any renovation.

  • Leaks from Damaged Plumbing – If this is your first time to handle it, you will most likely discover that damaged plumbing can be the cause of your problems. For those who have the skills to handle plumbing repairs, feel free to get your tools ready. However, if you don’t have the skills to repair any plumbing problems that you may have, go pick up the phone and call an expert plumber.
  • Leaking Roof – Old houses are prone to leaking roof which can easily damage your ceiling. Newer homes can also experience leaky roof especially after a storm. The best way to solve this problem is to check your roof’s condition and see where the leaks are coming from. Only then should you perform a renovation. The level of difficulty may vary depending on the damage to it. It may be that peeling paint or stains are the only ones that you need to handle. But if it is ruined then you will have to buy a new roof.
  • Water from Walls – There are instances where the exterior walls get damaged due to wear and tear or environmental reasons. If this is the case then water can easily penetrate through your interior and damage the existing plaster. This calls for renovation too.

Ceiling Renovation – Quick Fixes

There are different methods that you can use when it comes to it. If you consider yourself as a do-it-yourself kind of homeowner, you can easily handle it on your own. You just need to have the right tools on hand such as joint compound and of course, the drywall tape. Following the instructions included in the label of your drywall repair kit can ensure that your ceiling will appear as if there wasn’t any damage at all.

Patching a hole in the ceiling can be done using drywall mud or hot mud. According to reviews, this is tougher and harder compared to the usual plaster. You just mix this compound with water and apply onto the damaged area of your ceiling. Afterwards, don’t forget to clean up any tools you have used because the mud can harden in just a short period of time rendering your tools useless.

For ceiling with peeling plaster or stains, you don’t really have to call up a contractor to repair them. You just need to clear the area from any debris or dirt before applying a new layer of drywall. Painting drywall ceiling should be done after the coat of plaster has already dried. If you want to make it look different, you might want to add some texture to it. There are different types of ceiling texture available that you can browse through to see whether there is any texture you think will work well with the rest of your home design. You can choose on what paint to buy since there are a lot of for sale ones.

This may mean that you need to replace the whole panels if the occasion calls for it. There are some damages to the ceiling that need to be replaced instead of repairing. The good news is that there are cheap panels that you can purchase from your local hardware. These are some examples of renovation ideas that you can use especially if you have ceilings that have been damaged by water.

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